Week of November 9, 2015

Religion - We are collecting our Mary Table pictures. Don't forget to get those turned in! We finished Chapter 4 and are beginning Chapter 5, which discusses the important symbols of Baptism and walk through what happens during a Baptism.
Language Arts - We are working on Unit 11 in Spelling and begin our unit on adjectives.  Our WoW is LUDICROUS and the prompt has the students writing about something they think is ludacrous. We are well into our novel, Where the Red Fern Grows. We are working on character traits and will be noting whether they are static or dynamic characters.
Math - We are working on division with one- and two-digit divisors.
Science - Students are working through experiments that help them understand variables a little better. We will be working on a two-coordinate graph, plotting points to display our data.
Please remember to thank a marine today. November 10th is the Marine Corps birthday! These brave men and women fought so we might be free!