Week of Dec. 7, 2015

We had quite a successful button sale last Friday. We made over $776.00 from all those buttons! Thank you to all the fifth graders!
Here's what our week should look like:
Religion: We are working on the O Antiphons! The children will be constructing a shadowbox for their particular antiphon. The O Antiphons were titles for Jesus and each day from Dec.17th until Dec.23rd a different prayer is prayed featuring a title for our dear Savior. They have symbols that go with the titles. Those will be included in the shadowbox. We also talked about the Immaculate Conception feast day and why we were off school for this feast day! Please make sure your child gets to Mass.
Language Arts: We are on Unit 14 in Spelling. We are working on spelling patterns where the word must be divided between two vowels! The WoW is COLOSSAL and the prompt has the students writing about what they would do if covered by a colossal shadow!
Math: We are finishing up our chapter on Division. You will see review work for division of one digit divisors and two-digit divisors.
Science: We are working on volume using water displacement.