Week of January 4. 2016

Happy New Year! Happy St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Feast Day! Wow! Talk about coming back to celebrations. Tuesday is the DARE graduation @ 2:15 p.m. and all parents are encouraged to attend. Officer Skip will present the children with their certificates of completion as well as announcing our winners for the DARE essay contest. We started the week off with Mass to celebrate our patroness, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and our 5th graders helped with the Reading, Petitions and the Offertory gifts!
We have much ground to cover this week. Here's what's going on:
Religion: We are finishing the Sacrament of Confirmation.
Language Arts: Spelling packet 15 has us reviewing the spelling pattern of the schwa sound and our WoW for this week is EXTROVERT. The prompt: Do you think the way one acts depends on where one is? Could one be an extrovert at home, but be shy or introverted at school? What do you think? When reading over your child's rough copy, make sure they do not use the words I, me or my! 
This month's book genre is non-fiction, so each student must have a book with them to enjoy. Students' projects will be covered at school during science class! More on that at a later date!
Math: We are beginning our chapter  on fractions, while still keeping in practice of our division using two-digit divisors!
Science: We are finishing up finding volume using water displacement and moving into our study of Amphibians!