Week of Jan 25, 2016

Religion: We are finishing up our Monstrance creations (which are so beautiful)! Students have been practicing/memorizing their Act of Faith prayer for January and we begin our next chapter (Chapter 10 - The
Eucharist) in our book.
Language Arts: We are working on Spelling Packet 18 - spelling patterns for changing 'y' to 'i' and adding our suffix. The WoW is AMBIDEXTROUS and the prompt is: What career would being ambidextrous help the most? Why? Remember, do not use words I, me and my! We continue reading  the novel, Maniac Magee.
Math: We are working on fractions and mixed numbers.
Science: We are finishing up our work on our power point presentations for our amphibians. I am asking that some of the work at this point be done at home. The children have done their research and are familiar with how to maneuver through the program, so this should not be a daunting task!
Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!