Week of Feb 8

Religion: We begin Lent on Wednesday. 5A will be helping with the Mass @ 9:00. We are working on Chapter 10 - the celebration of the Eucharist.
Language Arts: We are working on Unit 19 Spelling packet. It must be completed by Thursday because we are off on Friday. Our WoW is IRK and the prompt has the students writing about what 'irks' them. The students should have found a novel that is centered around a different culture. There are still students who have not shown me their book choice for this month. We are slao going to begin a new novel this week. Either The Cay or Bud, Not Buddy.
Math: The students continue working with fractions and converting them to decimals!
Science: We are finishing up our unit on Amphibians. The students will be tested on the animal group, not individual amphibians. They have their notes to study. I was planning on test Thursday, but it looks like it will happen next week!
***One final note: Please note that the students should only be bringing in peanut/tree nut free snacks, including for their birthdays! No more Dunkin Donuts should be brought into our classroom. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter!***