Week of February 29 - Leap Day!

Religion - Entries are being made in our prayer journals as we move through Lent, reflecting on our journey. We are also finishing Chapter 10, the Eucharist and moving into Chapter 11 about the celebration of the Eucharist at Holy Mass. The children have been making visits to the Blessed Sacrament in order to quiet themselves to hear God's voice!
L.A. - We have been busy trying to figure out how to combine sentences and use punctuation marks to help our weekly prompts get stronger. Unit 22 Spelling packet is for all students this week because we have begun Iowa testing! Our prompt for CLAUSTROPHOBIA is a choice. Your child could choose to write about a time he/she felt claustrophobic OR Write about if you would feel more claustrophobic in an airplane or standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon. We continue our novel, The Cay.
VotoMath - We are finishing up chapter 5 and will have a test by the end of the week. Expect a study sheet to go home on Tuesday.
Science - The fifth graders are discovering ways to measure matter. We are currently figuring out how a balance works.