Week of March 14, 2016

We are finishing up our IOWA testing this week. Please continue to make sure your child has a good night's rest as well as eating breakfast each morning to ensure the best possible results!
Religion - We begin Chapter 12, which discusses the types of prayer we use.
Language Arts - We will be studying spelling patterns using prefixes this week in Unit 24. Our WoW is BENEVOLENT and the prompt is: Describe what a benevolent act would look like for a 5th grader. We continue our study of the novel, The Cay and we are working on identifying adjectives.
Math Voto - We are gathering data and discussing ways to display this data. We are also working with adding/subtracting fractions.
Science - We are exploring density of matter this week and connecting why density can be used to identify materials.
Most of the 5th graders have turned in their permission slips for COSI. We have scheduled this field trip for April 7th, which is the Thursday we return from Easter Break! (Please remember that they will need to be picked up at 6:00 p.m. that evening!)