Week of May 9

I just wanted to thank all the parents and students in the 5th grade for sending in such lovely letters, gift cards, chocolates, cookies, and beautiful flowers! I certainly felt appreciated! You are such a blessing to me! Know that I will keep you all in my prayers as the year winds down.
Religion: We covered our chapter on faith, hope and love, and move to the Sacrament of Marriage.
Language Arts: We are working on words in the English language that originated from French and other languages, Unit 30. Our WoW is GULLIBLE. The prompt for this week is to write about a time when you were gullible. We are working on our novel, Holes. We are looking for dynamic and static characters.
Math: We are working with integers and reviewing many of the concepts we have covered this year.
Science: We are working on ways matter is identified chemically!