Week of Sept. 12

This is how our week should go:
7Y - We are working on identifying rational numbers and simplifying expressions and will have a short quiz on the first 5 sections of Chapter 1. Then we begin working algebraic equations and how these differ from expressions.
7X - We open up the week solving equations using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and work with inequalities. Students should expect a quiz on Thursday that should help them prepare for the test over Chapter 1 on Friday!
6X - The six grade Math students are finishing up Chapter 1. We will work together the chapter review and then give the Chapter 1 test. Chapter 2 finds us moving into Algebra where we will work on the vocab of Math. I hope to do a little perimeter/area activity to keep those geometry terms 'fresh'.
6X Religion - The students will work on a review of Chapter 1 concepts and then move into Chapter 2 where we will take a closer look at our Bibles and, specifically, the books of the Old Testament. They will finish up their personal Bible Bookmarks.
6th Grade Reading - We continue in our novel, A Long Way From Chicago. We will check our vocabulary for the chapters covered as well as identify some of the many idioms within this read and try to figure out what they really mean! As we begin the seventh chapter, the students are going to have to predict what Grandma Dowdel is going to do this visit!