Week of October 10

Please do not forget that the final day for turning in pledges/money for the Run4Fun will be Thursday! 6B, we are so close to that Electronics Day!!!
Because the 6th grade is at Camp Kern until Wednesday, most of this post is dealing with the 7th grade Math. Here's what is going on:
7Y - Math - We will be working with integers. That means being able to put them in order from least to greatest or greatest to least, adding them and finally subtracting them. If there is time, we will be working with multiplying and dividing them!
7X - Math - We will be working with exponents, taking a look at what happens to a number when using negative exponents. There will also be work with scientific notation and where it is used in the 'real world'.
6X - Math - We will be introducing integers on Thursday!
Religion - On Thursday, October 13, (which just happens to be the feast of the Miracle at Fatima) we will be making rosaries! If any parent would like to come in and offer assistance, you are more than welcome. Please be here by 11:00. I will have a refresher course on how to tie those knots!