Week of November 28 - Advent Begins!

Religion - This week is the beginning of the Advent Season...the beginning of a new Church calendar! We will pray the Jesse Tree each day. We will also do the wrap-up work in Chapter 9 that prepares the students for the Unit 2 test.
Math 7Y - We are working on decimals, which should be a review chapter which means we will move through this chapter quickly.
Math 7X - We will be finishing up Chapter 5 - Ratios and Proportions...looks like test on Thursday!
Math 6X - Working on GCF and a little quiz on Wednesday. Moving into fractions and decimals.
Reading - We are working on A Wrinkle in Time and plot development. Unit 5 Test in Vocab Workshop on Tuesday! Students should have their independent book read finished by Wednesday to conclude with a book talk.