Week of December 5

I did survive my first cake auction to benefit the Adopt-A-Family program! Wow! The cakes were creative and beautiful and smelled delicious! Well done in raising over $5000.00!!!
We are entering the second week of Advent. How are we preparing for the coming of our Savior? This week has the feast of the Immaculate Conception. We will be attending Mass on this day and finding others ways to make this day a celebration for our Heavenly Mother, Mary!
Here's a look at our week:
Religion - We finished our chapter on Joseph and have been viewing the film, Joseph, King of Dreams. The children have been asked to critique the movie's version of this story and then write its theme.
Math - 7Y - We continue our work with decimals, fractions and then percents.
Math - 7X - We are working on percents and applying them to life skills.
Math - 6X - We are working on fractions and decimals.
Reading - We are reading the novel, A Wrinkle in Time, taking a look at plot development. Unit 6 begins for Vocab Workshop and some figurative language discussion.