Week of December 12

Today marks the feast of Our Lady Of Guadalupe! Another Marian feast day to celebrate our holy Mother in Heaven!
Here's what is happening this week:
Religion - We continue our journey through Salvation History by looking at a very prominent figureMoses! We will take a closer look at the power of God demonstrated through the plagues, that finally convince the pharoah to let God's people go!
Math - 7Y - We are working with fractions and mixed numbers this week, estimating, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing!
Math - 7X - We continue to work on percents, taking a look at simple interest by the end of the week.
Math - 6X - Reviewing adding and subtracting fractions. Quiz on Wednesday and a Chapter 4 test Thursday or Friday.
Reading - We have been reading A Wrinkle in Time, working on character develop and plot predictions. Vocab Workshop Unit 6 should be completed by tomorrow and Test will be given Thursday. Your child has a new book to read independently. It doesn't have to be read completely until the week they come back from Christmas break. Just check with them about what novel they chose and keep on them to read about 20 minutes a night (average).