Week of January 9

This week:
Religion - We will discuss the close of the Christmas season and Fr. Chris will bless our school doorway with the Three Kings Blessing! We will continue following Moses as he travels the desert with the Israelites and receives the 10 Commandments from God.
Math - 7Y - Reviewing for Chapter 3 test which will be Wednesday or Thursday (hopefully!) Then we move into Ratios and Proportions.
Math - 7X - We are working with the Triangle Sum Theorem and polygons. Expect a quiz on Wednesday or Thursday over angles. 
Math - 6X - We continue working with fractions, subtracting with regrouping! We will then work with multiplying fractions and mixed numbers. If I still have hair left by Friday, we will try an introduction to dividing fractions.
Reading - We finish up our Book Talk and continue Readworks comprehension checks. The students should finish Unit 7 of the Vocab Workshop workbook by Wednesday. We will start our new classroom novel, My Side of the Mountain by Thursday!