Week of January 17

Here's what's happening this week:
Religion: We are taking a closer look at the 10 Commandments and how those Commandments look today. The students will be writing, directing and producing skits that show how these Commandments look!
Math - 7Y - We have begun Chapter 4 - Ratios and Proportions. The first part of this study is figuring out what they mean and then taking a look at how to write them!
Math - 7X - We continue working our geometry chapter. This week we are defining congruence using co-ordinate graphing and then challenging students to move a figure within the graph.
Math - 6X - As we continue working with fractions, we will be multiplying and dividing them this week!
Reading - We have begun reading the novel, My Side of the Mountain. We have identified characters and some techniques the author has chosen to attract the reader and draw then into the story. The students will also be asked to identify different examples of figurative language that the author, Jean Craighead George, loves to use!
Don't forget that Friday is an early dismissal day! Have a very blessed week!