Week of January 23

This is a very busy week as we prepare for our celebration of Catholic Schools' Week! I am very excited to be going with the Smile Youth Group to Washington, D.C. as we March for Life! Please pray for all of us and pray for the conversion of hearts.  
Religion: We present our skits showing how the 10 Commandments are very active in our lives, demonstrating love to God and love to our neighbors.
Math - 7Y - Writing and solving proportions. There will be a quiz this week on sections 4.1-4.4.
Math - 7X - Having a little fun with our geometry unit. Students are working on tessellations and finding symmetry.
Math - 6X - We are finishing up our unit on fractions, working hard to multiply and divide mixed numbers. If all goes well, we will test over Chapter 5 on Friday!
Reading - We continue reading My Side of the Mountain and take a look at the author's use of personification. We will be on the hunt for some examples and then put our artistic abilities to the test! We are setting up our notebooks for the Genius Project! Please make sure that you allow time for your child to visit the library to find material (books) that they could bring with them to read.