Week of February 21

Hope everyone enjoyed the four-day weekend! As we begin this week, I'd like to welcome our 5th grade visitors who are checking out theSt. Andrew campus! Good to see familiar faces!
Religion: We are finishing Unit 3 with a chapter review! We will be taking a look at some Jewish traditions. Please ask your child about the "Mezuzah" and "Simchat Torah"!
Math - 7Y - Introducing Chapter 6 with Percents!
Math - 7X - We are working on finding volume of 3D figures, taking a look a the relationship of objects with a similar base and height.
Math - 6X - We are working on graphing objects on a coordinate graph and then what happens to those objects when we move then certain ways. Later in the week we will be adding and subtracting integers.
Reading - We will be working on Unit 10 in our Vocab Workshop workbook and beginning our new novel study, Number the Stars!