Week of March 6

This is the week of testing using the IOWAS! Please remember to have your child get a good night's rest and a breakfast!
Religion: We are in the season of Lent and your children will be reading selected Scripture each week. Please know that you could be a part of this exercise. Read the passages with them. Talk about them. They have to write a summary of what they read. After all three readings are finished, they must write a little reflection.
Math -7Y - We are working on calculating percent of a number.
Math - 7X - We are finishing up Chapter 8, finding volume and surface area of 3D objects.
Math - 6X - We are working with dividing integers. We will be finishing up this chapter soon, so expect a test by the end of the week...nothing labor-intense since the IOWAS are going on!
Reading - We are reading Number the Stars and begin Unit 11 for Vocab Workshop!