Week of March 12

Now that Iowas are finished, we will be back on schedule with our classes. Here's how it should go:
Religion: We are in Week 3 of Lent. Your child should be reading Scripture on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. During class we are studying King David and his life as King. The children will be working closely with Mrs. Mascolino during art class to hand-print one of the Psalms!
Math - 7Y - We are finishing up Chapter 6, working on percentages, decimals and fractions.
Math - 7X - We are finishing Chapter 8 (Geometry) and moving into Chapter 11, solving inequalities.
Math - 6X - We are finishing our unit on Integers and will move into Chapter 6, Data Collection and Graphs.
Reading - The students will have a test over the novel, Number the Stars and we are listening to The Bronze Bow. The students will be taking the test for Unit 11 in the Vocab Workshop. Please encourage your child to study this unit each night.