Week of May 1

Happy Feast of St. Joseph! ...and welcome to May, the fastest month in the school year! Here's what's going on:
Religion: We are finishing Chapter 22, discussing how to remain holy in whatever we are doing! The next chapter takes a look at the prophets Jeremiah and Ezekial!
Math - 7Y - We are finishing chapter 8 on Geometry Test Thursday
Math - 7X - Working on graphing inequalities
Math - 6X - Geometry patterns and a quiz on Tuesday. Finish Chapter 8 and Quiz over 8.9-8.11. Test will follow next week.
Reading - We will finish Bud, Not Buddy and take our Vocab Workshop test Unit 13 on Tuesday. We will quicken the pace of the last two Units to try to finish the book. I will give them some time in class to work on the unit exercises...but they still have to be studying hard!