Week of Sept 5

 Today marks the first anniversary of one of my favorite saints, St. Teresa of Calcutta! I just loved how she emphasized how precious life is from the moment of conception to a life's nature death. What courage she had!
Religion 8 - We discuss the images of Church. We also will have Fr. Chris Geiger coming into the classroom on Thursday. We are beginning a 4-part series on the Mass.
Religion 6 - We will be discussing the actual make-up of the Bible - how it is divided into books; writing styles of the Books; a way to know God better. This week we will take some time to create a Bible Bookmark for use this year.
Reading 6 - We are working our way through A Long Way from Chicago and discussing character development and figurative language as we go along! I have also had the children on easyCBM which helps determine comprehension levels, as well as digitalREADS. This online website provides short non-fiction reads that check comprehension and build vocabulary.