Week of October 2 - Month of the Holy Rosary

This week begins the month of October and the Church honors Our Blessed Mother because this is the Month of the Holy Rosary! Our Lady of Fatima's message is to pray the rosary often. Take up the practice of praying the rosary each day. She promises many graces to those who do!
All of my Religion classes will be spending time at Adoration this week. Come pray with us on Wednesday as we sit with Jesus present in the Eucharist. Your children will tell you how great it is to open their hearts to our Lord; to be in silence! What a gift!
8th Gr Religion - We test over Chapter 3 and will be introduced to Prayer in Chapter 4. Please bring your rosaries to class this week. We will plan to pray them!  Fr. Chris and Catherine Fasano (our Youth Minister) will be in class on Thursday as we present the 4th session of Altaration. 
6th Gr Religion - We begin discussions about how everything that is created by God is good. We will talk about what it really means to be made in God's image. We will talk about how evolution is a part of our faith and exactly how that fits into Sacred Scripture. There is also comparisons made of the two stories of creation in the book of Genesis! Hope to have Fr. Chris join us to talk about how humans are different from all God's other creations!
6th Gr Reading - We will be correcting Unit 2 Vocabulary Workshop exercises and the test will be on Wednesday, Oct 4th! We will read our novel, A Long Way From Chicago  and work on vocab from the story. Our Free Read Friday worked very well so we will do it again this week.