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Week of November 12, 2018

Religion - This week we are finishing up the chapters on Baptism.  Our next chapter will deal with the Liturgical Year. Students will explore the Liturgical Calendar learning that throughout the Liturgical Year we remember and celebrate the life of Christ.  By the end of this week, have your child explain the Liturgical Seasons and the colors that Father wears during Mass.

Language Arts - Our WoW word is ludicrous.  There will not be a prompt this week since Mrs. Mascolino wanted the students to write an essay about their field trip to the Art Museum on Friday.  We continue to read the book, Bridge to Terabithia. As we read a chapter, in class, the students are to write, on a post-it note, one or two sentences, that summarizes the chapter. These post-it notes are kept on the first page of each chapter.  I would like the students to use this strategy when they are reading their November book. It will make it a lot easier to recall major events that happened in the story. In grammar last week, the skill we worked on was finding the direct object in a sentence.  This week, we are learning about using conjunctions in our writing, turning simple sentences into compound sentences. Writing becomes more interesting when both simple and complex sentences are used.

Math - Our work with decimals continues.  The students will be practicing the skills of ordering and comparing Decimal Numbers,writing equivalent decimals, and understanding the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percents.  As we work with fractions, I will be teaching the class how to state the fraction in its simplest terms.

Social Studies - This week, we are tackling the last two lessons in Topic 1.  Lesson 9 is on Citizenship. It deals with how American citizens can participate in the political process and the rights and responsibilities of every citizen.  We will not be having a test on these two lessons, however, every day there will be an exit slip each student needs to fill out. The exit slips will serve as a comprehension check for that day’s objective.

Week of October 29, 2018

Religion -We are continuing our study  of the Sacrament of Baptism. This week we are connecting Baptism to something that has been restored or made new again.  In order to reinforce this lesson”s Key Words, the students have completed their own word search with these words. However, after the word search is completed, they will trade word searches to see if they can figure out their partner”s word search. We will finish this lesson by identifying our roles as priest, prophet, and king.

Language Arts - Our WoW of the week is desist.  The prompt for this week is: What happens to people or animals who do not desist from chasing after skunks?  In Reading, we bagan the week by finishing up the last tri-fold in Hatchet and playing the game, I Have Who Has.  We will also begin our next book, Bridge of Terabithia. The students will be practicing the skill of summarizing.  Students will be writing a short 1 to 2 sentence summary, on a post it note, after reading each chapter. In Grammar, the students are discovering the connotation of a given word, and reviewing previously taught skills such as: subject verb agreement, homophones, and spelling the plural form of a given noun.

Math  - This week, the students are practicing their graphing skills using a bag of Skittles.  Students will be finding the landmarks (mean, mode, median, and range) of the colors of Skittles in their own bag, as well, data for the entire class.  Students will display their data in the forms of a line plot and a bar graph. We will then progress to finding the fraction of each color and turning them into a percent.  Finally, we will take the percents, and (hopefully) construct a circle graph.

Social Studies - This week we are finishing up on lesson 7, Government.  The students will be identifying the purpose of the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution. Our next quiz will be on Tuesday, Nov. 6th.  It will cover both lessons

6 and 7.  Students will be completing a study guide on these two lessons later this week.

Week of October 22, 2018

Thank you so very much for making my birthday so special last week!  I received such wonderful cards, as well as, chocolates, flowers, and gift cards.  What a way to turn 29! (again)

Religion -We have finished our chapter on Mary and we are continuing to say a decade of the rosary every day.  The fifth grade will be leading the all campus rosary on Monday, October 29th at 9:00. Please come and join us if you are able.  In our next two chapters, we will be learning about the Sacrament of Baptism. The first chapter identifies Baptism as the foundation of Christian life.  Students learn that Baptism frees them from sin and gives them a new life in Christ. The second chapter gives a detailed account of the actual sacrament.

Language Arts - Our WoW of the week is herpetology.  We are not having a prompt this week, however, we are practicing our WoW words by using them in a Build a Halloween Story game. We are continuing to read Hatchet.  We should finish this book by the end of the week.  Students were given all of the supplies to complete their October Book Report.  The students will retell the story to the class as they build their picture using the document camera.

Math  - This week, the students are practicing estimating answers by either rounding or using compatible numbers.  We then moved on to subtracting fractions from whole numbers. This skill will pave the way for students to subtract fractions with different denominators. We will finish off the week by identifying and understanding the value if the decimal places tenths and hundredths by using something the children are familiar with……!

Social Studies - This week, we are learning about trade and development.  Students are asked to identify how resource distribution make trade necessary and the reasons why governments enact trade barriers. By the end of the week, we will be moving on to government.  This will include the various types of government, as well as, a look at our constitution.

Week of October 15, 2018

Religion -We are finishing up our chapter on Mary, Model of Discipleship, and continuing to say a decade of the Rosary every day.  This week we will be learning more about the Rosary and identifying some of the feast days of Mary. The students will then be pairing up to complete a Scripture Quest on Mary before completing the chapter review.

Language Arts - Our WoW of the week is serpentine.  The prompt is:  Choose an animal, other than a snake or a serpent, that moves in a serpentine way.  Describe why it might be to that animal’s advantage to move in this way. We are continuing to read Hatchet.  We are discussing how the point of view can change a story, as well as, analyzing a given sentence from the text to discover its real meaning and how it affects the story.   As we read Hatchet, the students are identifying the adverbs and adjectives that helps them to visualize what is happening to Brian as the story progresses. Mrs. Young will let the students go to the Book Fair this Wednesday.  Students can bring in their money tomorrow or Wednesday.

Math  - This week, the students will be practicing subtracting fractions from a whole and reporting the answer in its simplest form. They will also be introduced to adding fractions by finding a fraction to complete a whole.  After the cumulative test, we will be starting the second half of the book. Have you seen a math puzzle, lately? I still want my students to continue to work on them.

Social Studies - This week we are finishing up Lesson 6, Economic Basics.  We will be discussing what economics is and the effects of economic activity.  In preparation for our next test, the students will fill out a Study Guide for lessons 5 and 6.  It will cover both culture and society, as well as, economic basics.  Our test will be this Friday.

Week of October 9, 2018

Religion -We are in the middle of the  chapter on Mary, Model of Discipleship.  In this chapter, we are learning about the many titles for Mary, as well as, the various feast days for Mary.  Since October is the month of the rosary, we are are saying a decade a day during our religion class.

Language Arts - No WoW word or Spelling Packet this weeks.  The students were crushed, but they are bravely carrying on.  In Reading, we are continuing to read Hatchet. This week we are focusing in on character traits used to describe a character, and the writer’s craft of using flashbacks and how it adds to the story.  While in English, we are reviewing contractions, plurals with their correct spelling, and practicing finding the cause or the effect in a given sentence.

Math -We started this week by discussing probability using a standard dot cube. ( dice)  The students then completed an activity by rolling the standard dot cube 50 times and recording the result.  We will then turn these results in percentages. We will continue the week by reviewing long division writing quotients with mixed numbers.  The students know the four steps of division with actions. Ask your child to show it to you.

Social Studies - This week we are finishing up lesson 5 Culture and Society.  The students are working on using evidence to support their ideas by drawing conclusions from their notes. We will then move on to lesson 6, Economic Basics.  We will be focusing on the four major economic systems. We will have a quiz on lessons 5 and 6 later next week. A study guide will be coming home early next week.

Week of October 1, 2018

Religion -This week, we are finishing up Chapter 3, which is an overview of the Sacraments. Our next chapter will be Mary, Model  of Discipleship.  We will use this chapter to begin our Mary Study.  Later this week, the students will view a presentation on the various titles for Mary.  They will then choose a title for Mary and go on the hunt for a picture that goes with that title.  I am asking that if your child finds a picture of Mary on the internet, you have them print it out at home and send it in.

Language Arts - Our WoW word is impeccable.  The prompt this week is to write about what tastes impeccable to you.  In Grammar, we are continuing to identify the subject, and the predicate in a given sentence. We are also practicing using singular and plural possessives in our writing.  We have started our next class novel, Hatchet.  We will be focusing in on the following skills; cause and effect, context clues (and how to use them), as well as, analyzing and evaluating the events in a story and how those events have an impact on the reader.  One final note, we do have a date ( 11/9/2018) for our field trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum, for a tour that is based upon the book, From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.  More information will be coming home in the next couple of weeks.

Math -Throughout this week, we will be starting each class with a word problem,  in order to practice a variety of appropriate problem-solving strategies. We will continue to move forward in the book, by multiplying three-digit numbers with and without zeros.

Social Studies - This week, we are finishing up People and the Environment. We will have a basketball review on Tuesday and the quiz on Wednesday.  We will then continue with lesson 5,  Culture and Society.  We will be discussing cultural diffusion both its positive and negative effects.

Week of September 24, 2018

Religion - What an awesome way to start our week, we were taken on a virtual pilgrimage of Lourdes!  The students were able to touch a rock from the grotto where Our Lady stood, bless themselves with water from the grotto, and received their own bottle of water from Lourdes.  In Chapter 3, the students will learn the Church celebrates Seven Sacraments, the signs of Jesus’ love. The Sacraments are group into the following categories; Sacraments of Initiation, Healing, and Service of Communion.

Language Arts - Our WoW word is arduous.  The prompt this week is to write about something that is arduous for you to do.  Don’t forget, the September Book Report is due, Tuesday, October 2nd. In Grammar, we are continuing to practice subject, noun agreement when writing a sentence..  We are finishing our class novel, From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.  The students are finishing their last tri-fold and will be taking an end of the book test.

Math - This week, we will review place value and learn to use a formula to determine the perimeter of an object.  We will then continue to identify and measure the diameter, radius, and circumference of a circle. We will close the week by practicing dividing by multiples of 10.

Social Studies - This week, we are learning about People and the Environment.  The students are identifying both renewable and nonrenewable resources.  We will also be discussing the qualities that make an area desirable for habitation. Next week, after completing a study guide, the students will be taking a quiz on Lesson 4. The children are working in pairs to read the text and take notes.  I am quite pleased with their note taking.

Week Of September 17, 2018

Religion - We had a wonderful start to our week!  Each and every student made their very own rosary!  While the students were making their rosaries, they were learning more about Our Lady and the three children who saw her at Fatima.  In our Religion book, we are finishing up the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. Our next chapter will be an overview of the seven sacraments.  During the rest of the year, we will complete a more in-depth examination of each sacrament. After receiving Jesus at Mass this week, I gave my students a challenge! How long can they keep Jesus inside of them, before kicking Him out by saying an unkind word or doing an unkind act.

Language Arts - Our WoW word is pedestrian which means boring.  The prompt is to week. It will be due, Tuesday, October 2nd.write about about something they have done that was nonpedestrian, or not boring.  In Grammar, we are reviewing nouns and verbs, as well as, introducing subject, noun agreement. We are continuing to read our class novel, From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.  Throughout the rest of the book, we are focusing on the following skills; point of view, summarizing, cause and effect, character traits, and finally author’s craft.  The directions for the September Book Report will be coming home later this week.

Math - We began the week by completing Investigation 5, organizing and analyzing Data.  The students completed frequency tables, line plots, pictographs, bar graphs,and line graphs.  Students were able to identify the mode, median, range, cluster and the outlier in a set of data.  We then proceeded to practice multiplying by 2-digit numbers and reviewing place value through Hundred Billions.

Social Studies - We have completed the first three lessons of Topic One, Introduction to Geography.  Since this topic has ten lessons, I have decided to chunk the information.  We will be having a test on these three lessons on Thursday of this week.  The students have been completing a study guide for this test and reviewing with a partner during class.  We will continue with the next lesson, People and the Environment. In this lesson, we will be focusing in on how people depend on the environment and either harm or protect it.

September 10, 2018

This week in Religion, we are learning that we give witness when we share the Good News and serve others.  The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy will be introduced as examples of ways to serve others. I told the class about a special gesture Father Cordier and Father Chris makes starting at the Consecration until Communion. They will be looking for this at Sunday Mass.  Tomorrow, Sept. 11th, 5B will be planning the Mass. Mass will begin at 9:00. Please come and join us if you are able.

Our WoW word is myriad.  The prompt is to write a persuasive paragraph about why you should NOT have to do a chore, OR reasons why the class should receive an extra recess.   In the Simple Solutions book, we are continuing to work on identifying subjects and predicates, and introducing helping verbs. We are continuing to read our class novel, From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.    We have covered summarizing and the various elements of fiction.  In Chapters 4 and 5, the students will be analyzing text clues to infer about the setting of the story, as well as, making connections between the characters and the story.  Our September book genre is Realistic Fiction. I would like to see what book your child has chosen.

This week in Math, we are learning to solve multiple-step word problems, and using data to find the average of a set of numbers.  After taking the cumulative test for lessons 45-50, we will complete Investigation 5 on organizing and analyzing data.

In Social Studies, we are learning about Our Planet Earth, both its structure and its movement. This week we are working on Lesson 3, Climates and Ecosystems. Working with a partner, students  are learning to take notes by completing a concept web, using both diagrams and text.

August 31, 2018

We've had a great start to the new school year!  This group of 5th graders      are kind, intellegent, and willing to work.  So far, during this first week,                 the students have:
  • written their first prompt
  • taken their first spelling and vocabulary tests
  • read from the Bible discussing a word or phrase that spoke to them
  • acted out a scenario showing how to be a disciple of Jesus
  • attacked math puzzles
  • started  about a quarter of the way into the 5th grade Math book
  • tackled our new Social Studies book learning how to take notes, as well as, taking the quiz for lesson 1.                                                              Wow! I think all of my students have earned a three day weekend!  

Week of May 7, 2018

Thank you so much for the cards, flowers, coffee, chocolate, and gifts given to me throughout last week.  You made every moment of every day special! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Religion - This week, we are finishing up the last sacrament of healing, The Anointing of the Sick.  Pop Quiz: Ask your child what Viaticum is and what the word means. Our test on the Prayer to the Holy Spirit, will be next Wednesday.

Language Arts - We are not having a spelling packet or a WoW word this week.  Both will return next week :). As we continue to read our class novel, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, we are focusing on the elements of plot and point of view.  This book has a lot of symbolism in it. It’s a pleasure to watch the students making connections as they are reading. The students should be almost finished with their book for April/May.  We will begin the Book Report Project this Thursday. It will be due on Monday, May 21st.

Math - During this week and next, the students have been able to identify symmetry in a given figure and was able to determine if it had rotational symmetry.  We have also worked with decimals, rounding them to the nearest whole number and comparing decimals to the nearest thousandths. Next week, we will be using percents to name part of a group.  For example, If 8 of the 20 students are boys, what percent of the students are boys?

Social Studies - We will be finished with the American Revolution next week.  Our chapter test will be on Thursday, May 24th. During that week, I will also listen to the students either recite or sing the Preamble of the Constitution.

Week of April 16, 2018

Religion - This week we finished the first chapter on the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation.  This chapter not only introduced the origins of this sacrament but the reason it is needed.  This year, my goal as your child’s religion teacher, is to help your child build a lifelong relationship with God. The Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation is key to this relationship.  We continued with our study of God’s forgiveness by reviewing the rites of this sacrament. This is a review because we covered this before the students received the sacrament during Lent. Next week, we will continue learning about the Sacraments of Healing as we explore the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

Language Arts - We finished the Figurative Language stations earlier this week.  The students completed 8 stations on the various elements of figurative language.  They needed to work as a group, and agree on the answers to the worksheets. Some of the group discussions were not only delightful but informative as well. I am looking forward to my students adding some figurative language to their creative writing!  This week we are starting a final class novel, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  This is a wonderful book which uses the different elements of figurative language and teaches some valuable lessons along the way.

Math - This week the students are introduced to the concept of ratios.  Since they are becoming proficient in fractions, ratios are a breeze!  During the rest of this week, the students will be introduced to working with positive and negative numbers, using a thermometer, as well as, adding and subtracting decimals.

Social Studies - We are so close to war it’s not even funny, the Revolutionary War that is.  The students have been learning about the causes that led up to the Revolutionary War and the first battles before war was actually declared.  The students are also memorizing the Preamble of the Constitution. I will quiz them in three weeks. If they are able to recite it, they will earn 25 merits, however if they sing it, they will earn 150 merits!  After one short study session, some of the students were reciting it on the bus to COSI!

Week of March 19, 2018

Religion – We started this week by reviewing the various forms of prayer.  The students were able to identify each form and tell what prayer was.  We also reviewed daily prayer, including the Liturgy of the Hours and how sacramental objects are used in our prayer life.  This week we have a wonderful opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation! We will take a couple of days to prepare to receive this sacrament by going over the format, making an examination of conscience, and reviewing the Act of Contrition.  By the end of this week, we will be gearing up for the holiest week of the year, Holy Week.  The students will be participating in an interactive Stations of the Cross, for children.  They will also have a keepsake of their reflections for each station.

Language Arts – Our WoW word this week is tenacious.  The prompt is to write about a time you were tenacious or about a time when you witnessed someone being tenacious.  This week, as part of the spelling packet, the students are to work on six different activities on Spelling City.  In Reading, we are finishing the book Maniac Magee.  I am so pleased with my class! As they read Maniac Magee, they are identifying the various forms of figurative language that is used, and are able to tell what the author means when he is using the figurative language. Way to go, 5B!

Math – We started our week by wrapping up some investigations on probability.  In the first investigation, the students rolled one dot cube ( a die)  20 times making a frequency table with the data followed by questions.  In the second investigation, the students blindly chose one of three card, also making a frequency table, then using that table to make predictions.  We then moved on to, simplifying improper fractions.  Whether adding, subtracting, or multiplying fractions, the students are getting quite proficient in reporting the answer in its simplest form.

Social Studies – We are well into the first lesson of Chapter 8.  In this chapter the students are learning about what lead up to the desire to break away from Britain. This chapter is longer than the previous ones, so I will be giving a quiz incorporating lessons one and two, and then another over lessons three, four, and five. This chapter ends with the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  The students will be given an opportunity to sign a piece of parchment paper with a quill pen.

Week of January 22, 2018

Religion - This week, in Religion, we are continuing our study of the Sacrament of Confirmation, through the use of the Religion book, as well as a packet on Confirmation.  After we read and discuss the section in the packet, the students work in small groups to answer the corresponding questions.  

Language Arts - The students are currently reading the book Holes.  We are currently examining the plot of the story and the changes that have occurred in the main character, Stanley.  Students have completed a character sketch, on the character of their choice, identified in writing the how Stanley has changed since the beginning of the story and, written a summary paragraph about one of the subplots woven throughout the book.  

Our WoW word is plethora.  The prompt is: Is it good to have a plethora of homework or recesses, or is it better to have a reasonable amount of both?

Math - For the next couple of lessons, the students will be learning how to reduce fractions.  They will first build upon their knowledge of reducing fractions by dividing by a fraction of 1.  They will then practice finding the greatest common factor and, use it to reduce a fraction.  

Social Studies - We are finishing the chapter on the New England Colonies.  Our test will be this Thursday.  The students have been amazed that some of the ideas the founders incorporated into the new colonies are found in our country today.  Ideas such as freedom of Religion and separation of Church and state.

Reminder:  DARE graduation this Thursday afternoon

Week of December 18, 2017

Religion - This week we are wrapping up Advent.  The students are continuing to prepare their hearts for coming of Christ’s birth by saying the Angelus before recess, saying extra prayers throughout the day, and doing kind deeds for others.  They are keeping track of their progress by coloring in an Advent wreath.

Language Arts - We have finished with The Cay.  The students have taken the book test so we will be ready for our next book in the new year! Our booktalk for November’s book will be held tomorrow.  The students have jotted down some thoughts in order to “sell” their book.  During the Christmas break, I would like every student to get a Biography for the January book report.

Math - This week we embarked on a math quest reindeer roundup!  The students have to complete a variety of tasks, using their mathematical skills,  in order to retrieve Santa’s reindeer, scattered throughout the world, in time for Christmas!

Social Studies - Students took on the role of an explorer and held an electronic conversation with another explorer.  They needed to tell about themselves and ask questions from their fellow explorer. The students got a kick out of watching their partners comments on the screen as they were talking “typing”.

Most importantly, thank you for sharing your child with me during this school year.  It is both an honor and a pleasure to be a part of your child’s life.  Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!