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Week of March 11, 2019

Religion - We are continuing our study of Lent.  Students are keeping track of their good deeds and prayers by coloring a lenten calendar of crosses.  They are also reading scripture passages and writing reflections about what the readings really are telling us.

Language Arts -Our WoW word is inclement.  There will not be a prompt this week.  The students are writing daily in their Writing Journals.They are choosing a different card each day from the Guinness World Records’ box. I am reading their writings daily to insure they are giving me their best effort. So far, so good!  In grammar, we are reviewing relative pronouns, direct objects, and adverbs. We have finished reading Holes. During the rest of this week, they will complete the last comprehension worksheet and the end of the book test.  

Math - This week, we have learned to simplify decimals. After taking a Cumulative Test, we will continue our exploration of Math, by rounding mixed numbers, and subtracting decimal numbers with the dreaded zeros.

Social Studies -This week, the students have completed Lessons 7 and 8.  They are learning about the governments and economy of Mexico and the Caribbean Islands.  There will be a short comprehension check tomorrow, where the students will be able to use their books, notes, and lesson summary pages.  Then on to the final lesson in Topic 3! My plan is to finish this topic before Spring Break!

Week of February 25, 2019

Cogat Testing

Since the 5th grade takes both the Cogat and IOWA tests, we recently found out, we can start the tests this week. The Cogat tests are designed to evaluate how the student figures out an answer. The Cogat test consists of 9 subtests including verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal.  We will be taking the Cogat test starting on Tuesday ( tomorrow), Wednesday, and Thursday. Each day we will take 3 subtests, that will be about 30 minutes of testing per day. During testing week it is quite helpful if the student gets a good night sleep and a good breakfast. Though these are short tests, they can be brain draining. Next week we will start the IOWAs.  Fun, fun, fun!

Week of February 18, 2019

Religion - Last week we are finished up or study of the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  As we studied the various parts of the Mass, we discussed what the response, “Thanks be to God”  meant in the Concluding Rite. Pop Quiz: Ask your child what they have learned about this response and the reason we say it. This week we are learning about the various forms of prayer many members of the Catholic Church prays.

Language Arts -Our WoW word is irk.  The prompt is to write about something that irks you.  In grammar, we are reviewing relative pronouns, direct objects, and adverbs.  As we continue to read Holes, we are finding out more information about the book’s characters and how their stories are interwoven throughout the book.  We are also focusing in on some of the cause and effect relationships found in the story.

Math - Last week, we reviewed division with 2 digit divisors.  We began this week with a cumulative test over the concepts of the last five lessons.  As the week progresses, we will review how to divide fractions, learn how to describe a relationship between two numbers by using a ratio, and solve problems involving temperature.

Social Studies - Last week, we learned about the history of the Caribbean.  We discussed the transatlantic slave trade, and how larger countries won their independence.  This week, we are focusing in on living in Mexico and Central America. We are discussing why people live where they do and why people might leave a region.  Each student has a completed study guide for lessons 5 and 6. Students need to review the study guides weekly until our next test. The test on Lessons 5-7 will be sometime next week.

Week of January 21, 2019

Religion - This week we are working on special projects for Catholic Schools Week, as well as, studying about the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  We will we will explore the importance of Eucharist and reaffirm that Jesus is the Bread of Life.

Language Arts -We are continuing to read the book, Holes.  This class amazes me! They understand the story plot even with a lot of flashbacks in the book. Just a reminder, the People Museum Poster, is Due Friday,January 25th.  The Typed report  about the person’s childhood, adult life, and major accomplishments is due February 8th. We haven’t set an exact date for the People Museum, though it will probably be the week of Feb. 4th.  For the People Museum, the students do not need to read off of note cards. They just come alive and speak  as if they were the person they read about. They will practice in the classroom so ,hopefully, this will be a no stress activity.  Because we are finishing our snowglobe stories,  there will not be a prompt, or spelling test this week!  Don’t worry, we will be back to normal next week.

Math - This week we reviewed transformations and analyzed prisms.  After demonstrating they were proficient in reducing fractions, we moved on to the Cumulative Test 17.  This gives us time to do a Math investigation on performing probability experiments.

Social Studies - We have completed the first three lessons of Topic 3.  We have learned about the Inca, Maya, and Aztec civilizations.  There will be a test on these three lesson this Friday.  The students have the information on their study guides.

Week of January 14, 2019

Religion - We are continuing our study of the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Last week, the students learned about the connection between Baptism and Confirmation.  In this chapter, the students will learn about the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation.  They will also learn about special gifts of the Holy Spirit, which they will receive when they are confirmed.

Language Arts -We continue to read Holes.  I’m quite pleased with how the students can identify a flashback , in the story, and can discuss how the information adds to the plot of our story. This month, the students should be reading a Biography.  We are sending home the directions for the Book Report this week. There are two parts to this Book Report; 1) the People Museum Poster, which is Due January 25th.  2) a Typed report  about the person’s childhood, adult life, and major accomplishments.  This will be due February 8th.

Our WoW word is plethora.  There will NOT be a prompt this week because we are still working on our snowglobe stories.  I have set up goals for the students and continue to monitor their progress to ensure they are keeping up and not falling behind. This means the students should not have writing homework until this project is completed.

Math - After completing a review test of Lessons 80-85, the students will practice multiplying fractions and whole numbers.  We will then move on to introducing dividing fractions. In order for the students to understand this concept, the students will  use both sketches and manipulatives. As they begin to understand why the answer ends up the way it does, I will introduce the mathematical algorithm.

Social Studies - After completing a study guide for lesson 1 on the Olmec and Maya civilizations, we move on to the Aztec empire. The students will learn not only where the Aztec lived but how about their government and achievements.

Week of January 7, 2019

Religion - Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas!  This week, in Religion, we are learning about the Sacrament of Confirmation.  We will start by tracing the Biblical origins of this sacrament. The students will be asked to think back on the times, they could recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Language Arts -We are starting our next class book, Holes.  This is a story about a boy who was sent to camp for stealing a pair of shoes.  This was NOT the summer camp of his dreams, and Stanley had been wrongly accused of stealing the shoes!  How Stanley changes and affects change within the camp makes for a great read. As we read this book, the students will look for the author’s use of foreshadowing and flashbacks.  They will be able to identify ways, the use of this author’s craft, is used to enhance the story.

Our WoW word is extrovert.  There will NOT be a prompt this week because we will be working on a major writing assignment in the classroom.  I will be setting goals for the students and monitoring their progress to ensure they are keeping up and not falling behind. This means the students should not have writing homework until this project is completed.

Math - After a short review of GCF (greatest common factor) and simplifying fractions, we dove right in to our next topic, properties of geometric solids!  Students were able to identify solids by their faces, edges, and vertices. After a short review of describing the characteristics of data presented in tables (men , median, mode, and range) we will learn how to convert liquid measures in the United States to units in the metric system.

Social Studies - We are beginning Topic 3, Middle America.  During the first lesson, the students will be learning about the Olmec and Maya Civilizations.  Using a multi-tiered timeline, I will demonstrate when each of these civilizations existed. They will learn about their agriculture methods, their governments, their societies, and their achievements.

Week of December 17, 2018

Religion - Welcome to the third week of Advent!  This week, we are busy, busy, busy preparing our hearts for the coming of the Baby Jesus.  After completing our O Antiphon boxes, we reviewed the way to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Ask your child why Miss D. calls the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the biggest do-over in the world!

Language Arts - No WoW word or spelling packet this week.  Merry Christmas! We will be spending our time finishing The Cay,  having a book talk about the December Book, and brushing up on our grammar.

Math -In Math, we are learning about how to find the greatest common factor for two fractions and use it to reduce fractions to their simplest form. We are also reviewing prime and composite numbers, as well as, identifying square roots.

Social Studies - We are covering the rest of the lessons in Topic 2.  The students are hard at work; reading and taking notes, answering lesson check questions, taking an online quiz, then completing a CHALLENGE!  Students are learning how both, the United States of America and Canada gained their independence.


Week of December 10, 2018

This week, we started off by looking up selected Advent Bible verses,  choosing a word or phrase from the verse, and writing how that word or phrase had an impact on them.  We then continued to design and make shadow boxes for each O Antiphon, in preparation for saying them next week.

Language Arts - Our WoW word is colossal. The students will write a story telling what they would do if a colossal shadow came over them.  We are reading The Cay. While reading this book, we are practicing our comprehension skills of inferencing, drawing conclusions, and identifying the type of conflicts found in this story.  In Grammar, we are learning about prepositions. They are used to tie a noun or pronoun to other words in a sentence. The students will be identifying prepositions and using them properly in a sentence, as well as, reviewing skills previously taught.

Math -This week in Math, we discovered exponents!  The students first learned to evaluate an exponential expression for a given value.  We then moved on to writing a number in expanded notation using powers of 10. Next, we explored how to make equivalent fractions, and reviewed prime and composite numbers. By the end of the week, the students will participate in a math investigation.  They will be able to identify and graph points on a coordinate plane, and sketch transformations in quadrant 1 of the coordinate plane. This is an investigation they will love!

Social Studies - This week, we are covering two lessons with a lot of information.  In Lesson 3, the students will learning all about European Colonization.  This includes the beginning of European Explorations up until the thirteen colonies.  Lesson 4 gives an overview of the American Revolution and our country’s expansion.. It also explains how Canada gained their independence.

Week of December 3, 2018

Religion - We are completing our chapter on Advent.  The students are working on an advent packet which required them to view a video and complete questions about the video.  We are also learning about the O Antiphons, prayers, short prayers that begin with O said between December 17th to December 23rd.

Language Arts - Our WoW word is stymie. There will not be a prompt this week so the children may finish their 250 word D.A.R.E. essay due this Friday.  The word stymie will be included in this week’s vocabulary test. After taking the book test for the Bridge to Terabithia, the students will begin their next class book, The Cay. In Grammar, we are focusing in on abbreviations and when to use them, as well as, reviewing parts of speech.

Math -This week in Math, we will cover, and conquer, multiplying fractions, converting units of weight and mass, and my personal favorites, exponents and square roots.  When I introduce, multiplying fractions, we will use fraction wheels so the students develops the understanding that when two fractions are multiplied together, the product is small,  unlike the product of whole numbers.

Social Studies - This week, we are finishing up on Lesson 2 Three American Indian Cultures.  As the students read through the lesson, they complete a chart analyzing both the text and the photographs.  After completing their notes with a partner, they work on three questions under Lesson Check individually. Before moving on to the next lesson, they must complete an online quiz with a 100%.

Week of November 26, 2018

Religion - This week, we are continuing our study of the Liturgical Calendar by focusing on the season of  Ordinary Time. We are learning the difference between memorials, feasts, and solemnities. Ask your child why the season is called Ordinary, let me know what they tell you.  Our test on the Prayer of St. Gertrude the Great will be this Friday.

Language Arts - Our WoW word is novel.  Our prompt will be to write about something that is novel to your grandparents, but not to you.   We continue to read the book, Bridge to Terabithia focusing on the story setting,  writing a chapter summary, and creating mental pictures from passages in the book. We will also be recording and discussing the meanings of various idioms we find throughout the book.    As we read a chapter, in class, the students are to write, on a post-it note, one or two sentences, that summarizes the chapter. These post-it notes are kept on the first page of each chapter.  I would like the students to use this strategy when they are reading their December book. It will make it a lot easier to recall major events that happened in the story. Reminder: The November Book Report is Due, Wednesday, December 5, 2018.    In grammar this week, we will be working on using conjunctions correctly in sentences, and reviewing the possessive forms of nouns.

Math -We started the week by finding the area of a rectangle using the formula,

Area= length x width.  We then move into addition and subtraction of decimals, and using an equivalency table to convert units of length in the metric system.   We will finish the week by changing improper fractions to whole or mixed numbers.

Social Studies - This week we are beginning our second topic on The United States and Canada.  We began by using our map skills to study political, physical, and climate maps of both the United States and Canada.  We then moved on to Lesson 1 studying the North American Indian Culture Regions. After reading each subheading, the students will be classifying and categorizing the key features in each Indian Culture Region.

Week of November 12, 2018

Religion - This week we are finishing up the chapters on Baptism.  Our next chapter will deal with the Liturgical Year. Students will explore the Liturgical Calendar learning that throughout the Liturgical Year we remember and celebrate the life of Christ.  By the end of this week, have your child explain the Liturgical Seasons and the colors that Father wears during Mass.

Language Arts - Our WoW word is ludicrous.  There will not be a prompt this week since Mrs. Mascolino wanted the students to write an essay about their field trip to the Art Museum on Friday.  We continue to read the book, Bridge to Terabithia. As we read a chapter, in class, the students are to write, on a post-it note, one or two sentences, that summarizes the chapter. These post-it notes are kept on the first page of each chapter.  I would like the students to use this strategy when they are reading their November book. It will make it a lot easier to recall major events that happened in the story. In grammar last week, the skill we worked on was finding the direct object in a sentence.  This week, we are learning about using conjunctions in our writing, turning simple sentences into compound sentences. Writing becomes more interesting when both simple and complex sentences are used.

Math - Our work with decimals continues.  The students will be practicing the skills of ordering and comparing Decimal Numbers,writing equivalent decimals, and understanding the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percents.  As we work with fractions, I will be teaching the class how to state the fraction in its simplest terms.

Social Studies - This week, we are tackling the last two lessons in Topic 1.  Lesson 9 is on Citizenship. It deals with how American citizens can participate in the political process and the rights and responsibilities of every citizen.  We will not be having a test on these two lessons, however, every day there will be an exit slip each student needs to fill out. The exit slips will serve as a comprehension check for that day’s objective.

Week of October 29, 2018

Religion -We are continuing our study  of the Sacrament of Baptism. This week we are connecting Baptism to something that has been restored or made new again.  In order to reinforce this lesson”s Key Words, the students have completed their own word search with these words. However, after the word search is completed, they will trade word searches to see if they can figure out their partner”s word search. We will finish this lesson by identifying our roles as priest, prophet, and king.

Language Arts - Our WoW of the week is desist.  The prompt for this week is: What happens to people or animals who do not desist from chasing after skunks?  In Reading, we bagan the week by finishing up the last tri-fold in Hatchet and playing the game, I Have Who Has.  We will also begin our next book, Bridge of Terabithia. The students will be practicing the skill of summarizing.  Students will be writing a short 1 to 2 sentence summary, on a post it note, after reading each chapter. In Grammar, the students are discovering the connotation of a given word, and reviewing previously taught skills such as: subject verb agreement, homophones, and spelling the plural form of a given noun.

Math  - This week, the students are practicing their graphing skills using a bag of Skittles.  Students will be finding the landmarks (mean, mode, median, and range) of the colors of Skittles in their own bag, as well, data for the entire class.  Students will display their data in the forms of a line plot and a bar graph. We will then progress to finding the fraction of each color and turning them into a percent.  Finally, we will take the percents, and (hopefully) construct a circle graph.

Social Studies - This week we are finishing up on lesson 7, Government.  The students will be identifying the purpose of the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution. Our next quiz will be on Tuesday, Nov. 6th.  It will cover both lessons

6 and 7.  Students will be completing a study guide on these two lessons later this week.

Week of October 22, 2018

Thank you so very much for making my birthday so special last week!  I received such wonderful cards, as well as, chocolates, flowers, and gift cards.  What a way to turn 29! (again)

Religion -We have finished our chapter on Mary and we are continuing to say a decade of the rosary every day.  The fifth grade will be leading the all campus rosary on Monday, October 29th at 9:00. Please come and join us if you are able.  In our next two chapters, we will be learning about the Sacrament of Baptism. The first chapter identifies Baptism as the foundation of Christian life.  Students learn that Baptism frees them from sin and gives them a new life in Christ. The second chapter gives a detailed account of the actual sacrament.

Language Arts - Our WoW of the week is herpetology.  We are not having a prompt this week, however, we are practicing our WoW words by using them in a Build a Halloween Story game. We are continuing to read Hatchet.  We should finish this book by the end of the week.  Students were given all of the supplies to complete their October Book Report.  The students will retell the story to the class as they build their picture using the document camera.

Math  - This week, the students are practicing estimating answers by either rounding or using compatible numbers.  We then moved on to subtracting fractions from whole numbers. This skill will pave the way for students to subtract fractions with different denominators. We will finish off the week by identifying and understanding the value if the decimal places tenths and hundredths by using something the children are familiar with……!

Social Studies - This week, we are learning about trade and development.  Students are asked to identify how resource distribution make trade necessary and the reasons why governments enact trade barriers. By the end of the week, we will be moving on to government.  This will include the various types of government, as well as, a look at our constitution.

Week of October 15, 2018

Religion -We are finishing up our chapter on Mary, Model of Discipleship, and continuing to say a decade of the Rosary every day.  This week we will be learning more about the Rosary and identifying some of the feast days of Mary. The students will then be pairing up to complete a Scripture Quest on Mary before completing the chapter review.

Language Arts - Our WoW of the week is serpentine.  The prompt is:  Choose an animal, other than a snake or a serpent, that moves in a serpentine way.  Describe why it might be to that animal’s advantage to move in this way. We are continuing to read Hatchet.  We are discussing how the point of view can change a story, as well as, analyzing a given sentence from the text to discover its real meaning and how it affects the story.   As we read Hatchet, the students are identifying the adverbs and adjectives that helps them to visualize what is happening to Brian as the story progresses. Mrs. Young will let the students go to the Book Fair this Wednesday.  Students can bring in their money tomorrow or Wednesday.

Math  - This week, the students will be practicing subtracting fractions from a whole and reporting the answer in its simplest form. They will also be introduced to adding fractions by finding a fraction to complete a whole.  After the cumulative test, we will be starting the second half of the book. Have you seen a math puzzle, lately? I still want my students to continue to work on them.

Social Studies - This week we are finishing up Lesson 6, Economic Basics.  We will be discussing what economics is and the effects of economic activity.  In preparation for our next test, the students will fill out a Study Guide for lessons 5 and 6.  It will cover both culture and society, as well as, economic basics.  Our test will be this Friday.

Week of October 9, 2018

Religion -We are in the middle of the  chapter on Mary, Model of Discipleship.  In this chapter, we are learning about the many titles for Mary, as well as, the various feast days for Mary.  Since October is the month of the rosary, we are are saying a decade a day during our religion class.

Language Arts - No WoW word or Spelling Packet this weeks.  The students were crushed, but they are bravely carrying on.  In Reading, we are continuing to read Hatchet. This week we are focusing in on character traits used to describe a character, and the writer’s craft of using flashbacks and how it adds to the story.  While in English, we are reviewing contractions, plurals with their correct spelling, and practicing finding the cause or the effect in a given sentence.

Math -We started this week by discussing probability using a standard dot cube. ( dice)  The students then completed an activity by rolling the standard dot cube 50 times and recording the result.  We will then turn these results in percentages. We will continue the week by reviewing long division writing quotients with mixed numbers.  The students know the four steps of division with actions. Ask your child to show it to you.

Social Studies - This week we are finishing up lesson 5 Culture and Society.  The students are working on using evidence to support their ideas by drawing conclusions from their notes. We will then move on to lesson 6, Economic Basics.  We will be focusing on the four major economic systems. We will have a quiz on lessons 5 and 6 later next week. A study guide will be coming home early next week.