Week of October 23, 2017

Religion - I was so very proud of our 5th graders last Friday.  They were asked to help pick up the crosses for the innocent children.  They worked for about 45 minutes, saying a short prayer as they picked up each cross.  Then they folded it and placed it in a bin.  When the bin was full, they carried it to the truck and returned with the empty bin to start all over again.  They did everything that was asked of them! This week in Religion, we are finishing up on Chapter 3 which is an overview of the sacraments.

Language Arts - Our WoW word is herpetology.  There will not be a prompt this week due to the Art Essay the students need to write.  Due to a short week, our spelling and vocabulary tests will be on Thursday! In reading, we are continuing to read Hatchet.  After reading each chapter, the students are writing short chapter summaries which will be included in their matchbook Hatchet folder.  Along with this, the students are completing a tri-fold for every four chapters.  Each page, in the tri-fold deals with a different comprehension skill.  

Math - The students are learning about decimals using a meter stick by writing metric measures of length as decimal numbers.  They are also converting units of length in the metric system.  

Social Studies - We are beginning Chapter 3 on Early Explorers.  The first lesson will be on Exploration and Technology.  The students are always amazed when they discover the new technology was faster ships, better maps, and new navigational tools.  They will also be learning why Europeans began to look for a sea route to Asia.