Week of November 27, 2017

Final week of the Ducheny, Wood's Button and Magnet Factory!  The students have been working quite hard producing works of art to be sold this Friday for the Adopt A Family Program.
Religion - This week we will be learning about the Liturgical Year, throughout which we remember and celebrate the life of Christ.  The students will be learning about the liturgical seasons and what is emphasised in each.  For example in Ordinary Time we learn about the life of Christ and grow as his followers. 
Language Arts - The WoW word for this week is novel.  The prompt is: What is novel to  your grandparents by not to you?
This week we are putting the final touches on the matchbook summaries for Hatchet, as well as, beginning our new class book, The Cay.  
Social Studies - We are starting Chapter 4 which tells about the early colonies in the Americas.  We will be discussing the conundrum:  What became of the LOST COLONY?