Week of December 11, 2017

Religion - Last week we completed our activities and chapter on Advent.  Instead of memorizing a prayer for December, the students have been reciting The Angelus before going out to recess.  The Angelus pays tribute to a crucial aspect of Mary’s role in the Incarnation, when it quotes from Luke’s Gospel “be it done to me according to thy word” (Lk 1:38). This wonderful event could not have happened without her consent, without what is known as her fiat. By saying “yes” to God in allowing herself to become His mother, she showed us the ultimate example of trust in our Creator!  We will continue to say this prayer throughout the Advent and the Christmas seasons.  This week, the students are working on shadow boxes depicting the O’Antiphons.  Each shadow box will include the title of the prayer and the date it will be prayed.  It will also include the 2 symbols for the antiphon.  Look for these to be posted in the hallway outside of the classroom door.


Language Arts - We are continuing to read The Cay.  The students have been working on the following reading comprehension skills using this book: use of figurative language, inferencing, and cause and effect. We are also comparing how Philip’s character has changed since the beginning of the book.

Our goal is to finish this book before Christmas break.  This week our WoW word is colossal.  The prompt is, What would you do if a colossal shadow came over you?  The writing trait we are spotlighting this week is Ideas.  This includes adding supporting detail sentences using strong adjectives and verbs to enhance the paragraph.


Math - We begin this week by continuing to learn about how to multiply fractions. Last week we used fraction manipulatives to discover when multiplying fractions the product is less than what you started with.  We will then move into converting units of weight and mass in both the metric and US Customary System.  Toward the end of the week, we will work with exponents and square roots.


Social Studies -  We will be having our first test on Chapter 4, Lessons 1-2 on Tuesday.  The students will be tested on Vocabulary and Reading Check questions.  Our final test for the chapter will be on Friday.  It will cover Lessons 3-4.  I have a special Social Studies project in mind for next week. It will be completed totally in the classroom and the students should get a kick out of it.