Week of January 22, 2018

Religion - This week, in Religion, we are continuing our study of the Sacrament of Confirmation, through the use of the Religion book, as well as a packet on Confirmation.  After we read and discuss the section in the packet, the students work in small groups to answer the corresponding questions.  

Language Arts - The students are currently reading the book Holes.  We are currently examining the plot of the story and the changes that have occurred in the main character, Stanley.  Students have completed a character sketch, on the character of their choice, identified in writing the how Stanley has changed since the beginning of the story and, written a summary paragraph about one of the subplots woven throughout the book.  

Our WoW word is plethora.  The prompt is: Is it good to have a plethora of homework or recesses, or is it better to have a reasonable amount of both?

Math - For the next couple of lessons, the students will be learning how to reduce fractions.  They will first build upon their knowledge of reducing fractions by dividing by a fraction of 1.  They will then practice finding the greatest common factor and, use it to reduce a fraction.  

Social Studies - We are finishing the chapter on the New England Colonies.  Our test will be this Thursday.  The students have been amazed that some of the ideas the founders incorporated into the new colonies are found in our country today.  Ideas such as freedom of Religion and separation of Church and state.

Reminder:  DARE graduation this Thursday afternoon