Week of December 6, 2015

The fifth graders worked very hard, last week, designing, making, and selling buttons.  They raised over $774.00 dollars!  Way to go 5th grade!!!  
Therefore this week should be a normal week.
Religion - We are continuing our discussion of Advent.  The students are given a Bible verse each morning and are asked to read the verse, reflect on its meaning, and then write in their prayer journals how they live out that message in their life today.  We are also learning about the O Antiphons.  The students are able to identify the seven names for Jesus and the symbols connected to them.
Language Arts - Our WoW word is colossal.  The prompt is; What would you do if a colossal shadow came over you?
Reading - We are continuing to read Where the Red Fern Grows.  Our goal is to finish this book before the Christmas break.  We are also working on our comprehension skills by practicing by using context clues to understand the meaning of an unfamiliar word.
Grammar - We are continuing to learn more about pronouns.  This week we will be using pronouns as subject complements.
Social Studies - We are finishing the first lesson of Chapter 4, the Spanish Colonies.  We will be learning about the early English colonies in the Americas. The notes will look different from previous notes taken this year.  The students are working on identifying the meanings of vocabulary words and answering essential questions after reading each section. This streamline approach should be helpful in identifying the main idea of each section in the book.