Week of February 22, 2016

Religion - Did your child tell you about attending Adoration last Friday?  You would have been quite proud of them.  I know I was!  After studying about the Lenten season, we are continuing our study of the Eucharist.  The major parts of the Mass will be reviewed and the students will be able to match Bible verses with the various parts of the Mass.
Language Arts - WoW word is inclement.  The prompt is; How would you prepare for inclement conditions?
We are in the third chapter of our class book, The Cay.  In order to improve the students writing skills, I am using sentences from The Cay to identify and fix the three major sentence problems; choppy, run-on, and stringy sentences.
Social Studies - We should be finishing the chapter on the Middle Colonies by the end of this week. (knock on wood)  We will then be one chapter away from studying the beginning of the American Revolution.