Book Report Multi-cultural - quilt directions

I have a few more sheets of the quilt sized paper if you need one.



Multi-Cultural Book Report

The Quilt Project

Following are the directions to complete your quilt for the multi-cultural book that you read this month:

  1. MAIN CHARACTER – Write a paragraph about the main character. Include any important information (traits) about the character.
  2. MAIN CHARACTER PICTURE – Draw a picture of the main character and color it!
  3. SETTING – Write a paragraph describing where/when this book takes place.
  4. SETTING PICTURE – Draw a picture of the setting you just described.
  5. CONFLICT – Write three or more sentences that tell the main problem in the story.
  6. RESOLUTION – How does the story wrap-up?
  7. CULTURAL SIMILARITIES – In a paragraph, describe how the culture represented in your book might be similar to your life.
  8. Theme – What did the main character learn by the end of the novel? OR How did the main character change from the beginning to the end?
  9. CULTURAL DIFFERENCES – In a paragraph, describe how the culture represented in your book is different from your life.
  10. Exposition – Write a summary of the book in three or four sentences.
  11. Climax – Using three sentences, write about the highest or most intense point of the development or resolution to your story.


There is one blank square in the center. It is reserved for the Title and Author of your book. Please include your name and date there.

If this is supposed to be a quilt, then some decoration is needed at the seams (the lines separating the boxes). Most quilts were hand-sewn. Stitching could be seen at the seams. Look up quilts and get some ideas of how you might want to decorate your quilt.