October 3, 2016

Religion - This week, we will wrap up our study of Mary and join in praying the Rosary.  We'll also begin our investigation of the Sacraments and symbols that represent them.  
Language Arts - The WoW prompt will be different this week and until further notice! Wow!  We had a great week last week learning about the 6 traits of writing and applying our skills to Word of the Week paragraphs.  This week, we'll discuss the trait of conventions more in depth and aim to improve our final drafts so that our "punctuation doesn't take a vacation."  We also enjoyed our brainstorming activity last week and will use a similar activity again this week.  Finally, we will be working to create a student rubric to help guide the elements of our writing.
In Reading, we are excited to continue reading the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.   We will also continue to work on characterizations of the protagonists, Jamie and Claudia. Our Book Reports are also due on Wednesday.  
Social Studies - This week we finished up lesson 1 on Early People.  We are learning how to read a cultural map and moving on to lesson 2 The Eastern Woodlands.  As a quick review of lesson 1, ask your child what the Olmec and Maya civilizations developed? (answer a writing and a counting system)