Week of December 5, 2016


What an amazing job our 5th graders did with the Magnet Sale!  In combination with the Magnet Sale, Out of Uniform, and the Bake Sale and Auction at St. Andrew, we raised $6,000!  Of course, our magnets were a hit and all of our hard work paid off.  Miss Ducheny and I are so proud of this year's 5th grade crew!  
Religion - As we began this week, the 2nd Week of Advent, we will be spending more time on our O Antiphons. We will also be discussing how the Season of Advent ties into the Liturgical Year.  Do you know this year's Liturgical Focus from Pope Francis?  Your 5th graders does!  
Language Arts - This week's WoW is stymie.  It is going to be fun to see how many things we can stymie our classmates with!  We will also continue to read Hatchet.  We're so engrossed in the story it's hard to put it down.  Our class often discusses how they might handle being lost in the wilderness... not sure when or if they will return home.  Each new event captivates us and we are anxious to read more!