Week of February 20, 2017

We had a wonderful visit to St. Andrew's campus today!  Ask your child what they enjoyed most about our trip.
Religion - We have begun our study of the Eucharist.  In this chapter, the students will be learning about the Biblical references of how this sacrament came to be.  Next Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, 5B has the privilege of planning this Mass.  Everyone has a part in one form or other.  Please join us if you can!
Language Arts - We are continuing to read, Where the Red Fern Grows.  With every chapter, the students are writing a short summary and adding it to our matchbook folder project. 
I would like to send out a big THANK YOU to the Miller family.  They have provided our class with an over the door basketball hoop.  What would we do with this?  I'm glad you asked. I will be using it to review concepts taught in a variety of subject.  This week we used it to practice our spelling words.  Who knows what subject I will use it to review next week?????
Math - In Math we have covered writing quotients as mixed number, subtracting a fraction from 1, and finding a fraction to complete a whole.  On top of this, I have thrown it square numbers and square roots.  
Social Studies - We are continuing our study of the New England Colonies. Students have learned who founded each colony and why.  We viewed a short video as we filled out a chart on the founders of the New England Colonies. Our next lesson will be on life in the New England Colonies.  The students are quite interested in learning what school was like at that time and how childhood was so different from their own.