Week of October 16, 2017

What a crazy, fun-filled week of learning experiences we have prepared for this week!  Since it is a 4-day week with a field trip on Friday, Mrs. Wood and I have decided to dispense with the spelling packet and test.  The students earned a week without a WoW prompt as one of the prizes for the Run4Fun, therefore, there will not be a WoW prompt or vocabulary test either.  About this time you might be wondering about the learning experiences part of the week.  During our Language Arts time we will spend the additional time on grammar lessons (for future prompts), as well as, our comprehension tri-folds and matchbook summaries for Hatchet. Religion, Math, Social Studies and Science will go on as normal.

Religion – We will be learning about what the Seven Sacraments are, and how the Church celebrates them. Throughout the rest of the year, we will be studying these sacraments, one at a time, in a more in depth format.  On Friday, the fifth graders have been asked to help take down the crosses of the innocent.  We will do this in the afternoon, after the students eat their lunch and have some down time (recess). 

Social Studies – We will finish Unit 2 by learning about the Northwest and Arctic Native Americans.  Then we will finish the review workbook pages and begin our next unit.  Chapter 3 will be on the age of exploration.  We will be learning about and discussing the cultural differences and competition for land which let to conflicts among different groups in the Americas.