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Mrs. Angela Mascolino » Art Class Information, Grades 6 - 8 Overview

Art Class Information, Grades 6 - 8 Overview

The St. Andrew-St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School Art Program

Mrs. Angela Mascolino

Art Educator

Grades 6 - 8 Overview

The Art Program:

  • Enhances the student’s inquiry, creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Connects art to the past and the present.
  • Integrates with the school’s other curricula (e.g. math, language arts and social studies).
  • Shows students alternative ways to communicate their ideas and emotions.
  • Gives children opportunities to experiment with paint, sculpting material, and various other media.

Art Curriculum Resources:

  • State of Ohio Standards for Visual Art Education
  • Archdiocese of Cincinnati Graded Course of Study for Art
  • Cincinnati Art Museum (field trips, monthly and summer programs)
  • National Art Education Association
  • The Art of Education, an online resource for art educators
  • SchoolArts (a magazine published by Davis Art)

Assessment of Student Artwork:

Student artwork is graded on the following criteria:

  • The student understood and demonstrated the objective of the project.
  • The student followed the directions.
  • Neatness and effort

Students are not graded on their artistic ability but they are encouraged to practice and apply new skills.

6th Grade

  • Design, construct and use printmaking stamps
  • Sketchbooks - Students make and utilize their sketchbooks throughout the year.
  • Prehistoric Art - Students hypothesize the intent of the earliest artists. They also compare the oldest art to contemporary pieces. (Social Studies)
  • Ancient Egyptian Art (Social Studies)
  • Church Architecture (Greek through Gothic) (Social Studies and Religion)
  • Illuminated Psalms (Social Studies and Religion)

7th Grade

  • Students use their sketchbooks throughout the year.
  • One-point perspective illustrations (Math)
  • Two-point perspective city compositions (Math)
  • Optical illusion compositions (Math)
  • Paper relief sculpture
  • Post-it Note art (collaborative)

8th Grade

  • Personalized art books - This is a multimedia project that is on-going throughout the year. (Language Arts)
  • Clay votive sculptures (Religion)
  • Realistic illustrations of textured objects
  • Illustrations based on The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg (Language Arts)
  • Natural still life drawings and poetry (Language Arts)
  • Monochromatic paintings

This is a summarized list of units and projects.

Please check or subscribe to my school web page for updates.

Student  Art Display

Photographs of student artwork will be posted on my web page and photo albums throughout the year. I also make an effort to display student work at both campuses as often as possible. Every student at both campuses will have artwork displayed for our annual Catholic Schools Week Open House.

Student Portfolios

Student artwork is assessed and displayed throughout the year. At the end of the school year, students review what they've learned, acknowledge their progress and proudly bring home their art portfolios.

Open Art Studio

Open Art Studio will be held Wednesdays from 2:45 pm until 4 pm. After dismissal, students will meet Mrs. Mascolino in the art lab.This opportunity is free of charge and is available for students who wish to work on their assigned art projects or an art piece of their own choosing. Students will be given the opportunity to work with a variety of art materials. They will be encouraged to experiment, innovate, research and create. Students will be required to work in a safe and considerate manner, assist with clean up and encourage their fellow classmates. Artists, writers, musicians and many professionals often work in the same space in order to share not only resources but advice and encouragement as well. My hope is to foster a supportive and creative environment for students to thrive.

If your sixth, seventh or eighth grade student is interested in coming to Open Art Studio, please email Mrs. Mascolino ( The first session will be Wednesday, August 30th. Please pick up your student in the rear parking lot of the St. Andrew Campus at 4 PM.

The following are some of my favorite local places that offer a variety of art experiences:

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Contact Information:

Mrs. Angela Mascolino

Art Educator, K-8


St. Andrew Campus: Monday and Wednesday afternoon 831-5277 ext. 2-8

Seton Campus: Tuesday, Wednesday morning and Thursday 575-0093 ext.1211