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Mrs. Angela Mascolino » PhotoScouting


Photography is for anyone and everyone who can hold and operate a camera device. It is one of the most accessible and meaningful ways to share your unique perspective. PhotoScouting has definitely become an integral part of my creative process and daily life. It’s how I document fun activities happening in my classrooms, dramatic moon lighting and spring emerging. It allows me to capture a moment that I may look back on again and again. Photographing life around me has especially been meaningful to me during these uncertain times. I invite you to try photographing what you find to be interesting, humorous and important by first learning a little about an inspiring artist. 


Chris Glass is a Cincinnati designer and photographer who as he says, “enjoys making things.” In 2016, he was awarded the Haile Fellowship by People’s Liberty for his project, PhotoCorps. His project included a community experience called PhotoScouting. PhotoScouting was open to everyone and invited people to learn some basic photography concepts, explore their local community and connect with their neighbors. Chris created a fun guidebook that explains the basics of PhotoScouting. Since this book is no longer in print, I contacted him and he generously updated and shared the book images with me and agreed that I may share them with you!


Students and families, you may choose to take on as much or as little of this fun endeavor as you choose. It can easily fit into daily walks in your neighborhood, family game night and your lives right now. 


Guidelines for submitting photographs for art class credit: 

Select one or more of the themes listed in the PhotoScouting Guide. After taking several photos, look at your photos, select seven that you will share with me. When you share your photos, include an explanation of the theme or themes that you selected and practiced. Make sure you describe or label your photos so your explanation is clear. Email your seven photos and your explanation to me. 


Every student may submit seven photos and his or her typed explanation once a week for three weeks equaling at least twenty-one photos. Another option is to photoscout one or two weeks, send seven to fourteen photos and his or her explanation and then create a work of art with some other type of material (such as drawing, painting, collage).


Please note that you do not need to use hashtags nor post your photos to social media.