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Congratulations to Maddie and Annika! Maddie won first place in the Ulmer's fifth grade drawing competition and Annika won best of show! Ulmer's had one thousand entries this year. You can see the artists' framed drawings in Ulmer's lobby. We greatly appreciate Ulmer's Auto Care for hosting this event and Ms. Cheri's Donuts for giving participating students coupons for free donuts. 
Paper Flowers made for me by first grade artists
Have a fun,memorable, inspiring, wonderful summer! Get out there and enjoy! Love, Mrs. Mascolino
Kindergarten learned so much this year! They learned about art techniques, animals, habitats, illustrators and authors and so much more! I hope you take a few minutes to talk with your children about their art. It's so good for them and you too! Check out some more photos in my album "Kindergarten Art Class".
I think everyone is well aware that our first grade students love to build! Of course I encouraged this and I loved teaching them every week. They made all kinds of paper prisms, cylinders, cones and so on. They loved creating sculptures and school models.Our final project helped our students review and teach others about the life cycle of a butterfly. Check out the photos in my album "First Grade Art Class".
In March I took the second grade students' vase drawings and sculptures to the Cincinnati Art Museum for a special educators' program. The second grade students were introduced to art history, local history, Ohio owls and so much more. I love teaching this group of energetic, lovable artists! Check out some more photos in my "Second Grade Art Class" album.
Third grade students made "smarties", drew them and created all kinds of accommodations for their new collector items. This year they also practiced watercolor painting, created their own monograms and symbols not to mention their own worlds inspired by Ed Emberley. I hope they keep their drawing and creating habits up! You can find more photos in my album titled "Third Grade Art Sampler".
This year fourth grade students drew skyscrapers, created haunted house collages and wrote stories inspired by their art. They also practiced observational drawing so much that I know they are ready for any drawing challenge! They drew people in motion and created colorful sculptures. I'm really proud of all that they achieved. To see more photos check out my photo album "Fourth Grade Art Class".
This year fifth grade thoughtfully made their traditional miniature Marian grottoes, successfully built impressive wooden sculptures, and designed imaginative wire sculptures. It was a fun, creative year and I can't wait to see what these innovative kids come up with at St. Andrew! To see more photos check out my "Fifth Grade Art Class" photo album.
This year sixth grade students were inspired by the art of ancient cultures and illuminated manuscripts created by monks and craftsmen of the middle ages. Check out their creations in my photo album "Sixth Grade Art Sampler".
We had some interesting "guest students" shadow seventh grade this year. To see all of them check out my photo album, "Seventh Grade Post-It Note Characters". Also take a look at the "Seventh Grade Art Sampler". 
Congratulations to the Class of 2019! You're always welcome at SASEAS. Wishing you all the best! 
Check out two of my photo albums: "Class of 2019" features our graduates when they were wee artists and then as they grew and became much taller then me. Great memories! Also take a look at "Eighth Grade Second and Third Trimester Art 2019". 
January means it's time for the Annual First Grade Penguin Palooza! We've had so much fun learning about these fascinating birds! Check out my Photo Album to see more pics (Seton Campus Art Classes 2018 - 2019).
Students, teachers, staff, friends and families pulled together to showcase much of what we've learned and experienced so far this year. Our campuses are decked out and ready to welcome everyone! We hope you'll come browse, enjoy a snack, see friends and maybe meet some new ones as you find out what makes our school community so special.
Student artwork is displayed in classrooms and hallways at both campuses. Look for the annual first grade penguin palooza, fifth grade sculptures, sixth grade hero illustrations, second grade winter village and so much more! Hope to see you tomorrow! Open house at both campuses will be from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM. 

Meet Me At The Museum!

If your family starts to get a little antsy and perhaps has had a little too much screen time by Wednesday, January 2nd, consider venturing out of the house and into a magnificent art palace. The Cincinnati Art Museum is free and waiting to spark your curiosity. You can quickly and easily have your children plan a scavenger hunt for your family before you arrive or once you get there. Check out My CAM to select and print your art hunt and map. Visit the CAM for as little or as long as you'd like and check out the Rosenthal Education Center (REC) where kids of all ages can make and take their creations for free! 
By the way, I'll be at the CAM January 2nd from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM so email me if you'd like to meet and explore the museum together. Again, stay as long or as little as you'd like. Contact me if you have questions or would like more ideas for your Christmas break excursion. 
Angela Mascolino

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas full of love and laughter! Thank you to everyone who thought of me this season. Your cards, baked goods and thoughtful gifts are greatly appreciated! Teaching at SASEAS means the world to me. 
Mrs. Mascolino