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All sixth and seventh grade final art projects must be turned in Thursday, May 24th. Please deliver artwork to the St. Andrew office. Thank you.

Final Art Projects And Experiences Are Underway!

Kindergarten students used their imagination as they created character collages inspired by Eric Carle.
The first grade students are applying their knowledge about the life cycle of butterflies as they illustrate the stages and habitat of these beautiful creatures.
Second grade students designed, sculpted and are now painting their vessel sculptures.
Third grade students viewed and talked about the dream and memory inspired art of Marc Chagall. Now they are illustrating their own experiences, dreams and memories.
Fourth grade students are learning how to quickly draw the human form in motion.
Fifth grade students were challenged to use only the same twelve unusual shapes in their drawings. They illustrated crazy characters, new habitats, robots and all kinds of strange and wonderful creations. Next they will turn those drawings into colorful wire sculptures. 
Sixth grade students are diligently working on beautiful illuminated Psalms. Each student chose a Psalm verse and wrote about how that particular verse is meaningful to his or her life experiences. This lesson helps students to find true meaning in the Psalms and to connect what they're learning in Religion, Social Studies and Art.
Seventh grade students glazed their tiles and Mrs. Blomer is firing them in her kiln for the second time. The seventh grade students are also creating impressive paper sculptures.
The eighth grade students are working on their final projects, monochromatic paintings.
Portfolios will be assembled and sent home this month!

Sorry, to disappoint my students, but I'm not feeling well so there will not be Open Art Studio after school tomorrow. We'll resume art and mess making on Wednesday, April 25th. Thank you for understanding.

As we celebrate St. Valentine's Day and prepare for Lent, may our hearts be open to reflection, love, kindness and gratitude. 
This sculpture, titled Heart Family, was created by fourth grade artist Justin. 
Over three hundred works of student art are on display. Here's a sneak peek. We're excited to share it all with you tomorrow!
The hallways and classrooms at both campuses are full of student artwork. Please join us as we celebrate our school Sunday, January 28th! The St. Andrew Campus Open House will be from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM. Seton will host their Open House from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM. See you there!
As part of their studies about the coldest places on Earth, kindergarten students are illustrating polar bears and the Northern lights.
First grade students are completing their Dr. Seuss inspired maps. Then they will begin the annual penguin palooza project.
Second grade students are folding and cutting delicate examples of radial symmetry. They are making several paper snowflakes and beginning their unit about author and illustrator Ezra Jack Keats.
Third grade students are completing their own unique worlds inspired by Ed Emberley.
Fourth grade students completed their amazing still life illustrations and now they are learning about color theory.
Fifth grade students are working collaboratively as they discuss, design, and make connections between the arts and other academic school subjects. Their interesting, unique and informative group projects will be displayed throughout Seton once they are complete. 
The sixth grade students will begin their study of Ancient Greek and Roman temples. They'll soon discover similar architectural elements in local churches, homes and government buildings.
The seventh grade students are focused on designing optical illusion illustrations. 
The eighth grade students will begin illustrations based on Chris Van Allsburg's The Mysteries of Harris Burdick

Inside the art room!

Here's a brief peak into the Seton art room today. Fourth grade students created crayon rubbings of their haunted house collages. Then they wrote descriptive paragraphs based on their artwork. These detailed paragraphs will evolve into imaginative, spooky tales. Happy Halloween!

Art Class News

Kindergarten students are developing their fine motor skills by tracing, outlining, drawing, coloring and cutting. They are demonstrating and applying what they’ve already learned by folding and cutting squares in half to form triangles and then cutting the triangles in half to form smaller triangles. Then the students arranged their triangles to form trees, rockets and all sorts of other objects. They used their knowledge of the world combined with their imagination to draw details and complete their works of art.

First grade students are illustrating Charlotte’s Web. They are focusing on the setting, sequence and characters of the story.

Second grade students drew detailed self-portraits. They also compared portraits created by Mary Cassatt, Frank Duvenck and Robert Henri. Now they are designing fabulous rooms inspired by Henri Matisse.

Third grade students used the primary colors to paint secondary and tertiary colors. They enjoyed experimenting with color and comparing their results. Next they are going to learn, practice and play with watercolor techniques. 

Fourth grade students are drawing rectangular prisms and pyramids as they illustrate amazing skyscrapers.

Fifth grade students are learning about the elements of design. These elements make up all forms of art. Ask a fifth grade student to explain value, gradation, and form as it pertains to art.

Sixth grade students are designing and constructing their own printmaking stamps.

Seventh grade students are drawing geometric forms using one-point perspective.

Eighth grade students are transferring magazine images to tape and then creating layered transparent collages.


Eighth Grade Art Book Assignment: Homework
Every eighth grade student needs to bring a book for the art book project. Bring your book to class Monday, September 11th. Keep in mind that you will be painting, writing in and marking up this book throughout the school year. It will become your own personalized work of art. 
Select a hardcover book such as a novel, cookbook or children's book. Cover and personalize the book cover with duct tape, fabric, or collage paper. If you use paper, you must put clear packaging tape over it to ensure that the paper will not tear off. 
 An opportunity for students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade:

Open Art Studio will be held Wednesdays from 2:45 pm until 4 pm. After dismissal, students will meet Mrs. Mascolino in the art lab.This opportunity is free of charge and is available for students who wish to work on their assigned art projects or an art piece of their own choosing. Students will be given the opportunity to work with a variety of art materials. They will be encouraged to experiment, innovate, research and create. Students will be required to work in a safe and considerate manner, assist with clean up and encourage their fellow classmates. Artists, writers, musicians and many professionals often work in the same space in order to share not only resources but advice and encouragement as well. My hope is to foster a supportive and creative environment for students to thrive.

If your sixth, seventh or eighth grade student is interested in coming to Open Art Studio, please email Mrs. Mascolino ( The first session will be Wednesday, August 30th. Please pick up your student in the rear parking lot of the St. Andrew Campus at 4 PM.