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Hi Titan Family! I can't wait to see you and hear how you are doing! You are welcome to contact me before school begins. 
Take care and I'll see you soon!
Mrs. Angela Mascolino
During the past few months I've gone for walks and dreamed of exploring more of our nation's parks. For now painting them will have to be enough. This is one of my new watercolor paintings titled Living Room. It's one in a series of paintings inspired by the Smoky Mountains. 
This summer has certainly been full of learning opportunities! In addition to the Cincinnati Art Museum's Summer Teacher Institute, I also gained a lot of ideas from the Art Of Education's Summer Conference and have been taking online tutorials and reading books in preparation for teaching this year. It's an ongoing process! Never stop learning! :)
All student artwork is packed, rolled, secured and labeled! One of the many end of year traditions that I miss is the opportunity to review and realize all that the students and I have learned and experienced together over the school year. I hope you and your children will take a few minutes to look through their artwork and appreciate their creativity, stories, memories and learning. 
Thank you to every family, parent and student for hanging in there, continuing to make art and sharing it with me. Your hard work is greatly appreciated! Feel free to keep in contact with me via email over the summer. We all need a break from our electronic devices but I will always be happy to see your kids' creations and I value staying connected to our school community.
Have a safe and fun summer! I'm praying for you and your families. 
Mrs. Mascolino
To see more photos of our amazing students and their nature sculptures, check out my photo album titled Nature Sculptures 2020!

Optional Opportunity for K - 6!

Ulmer's Auto Care is hosting an online drawing contest for students in grades K- 6. Check out the guidelines, specifics and prizes here:
Parents, please keep in mind that if your child wishes to participate in this optional contest, you must submit his or her artwork to Ulmer's. However, please photograph your child's artwork and email it to me for art class credit. Thank you!

To get a better idea what a normal school day looks like for our seventh grade students, check out my photo album titled Seventh Grade Post-It Note Portraits 2020. Enjoy!
Please note that I'm posting new information in my blizzard bag Mondays and Fridays. 
Second Grade Symmetrical Paper Cut-Outs

Math and Art

Who knew learning about bilateral and radial symmetry could be so much fun!

Bilateral and radial symmetry can easily be found in nature and objects that we use every day. After identifying both types of symmetry in a variety of objects, students created their own symmetrical designs.

First they learned how to accurately fold and cut their rectangular sheets of paper into squares. Then students folded their squares diagonally in half to make triangles. They folded the triangles at least once more. As they cut geometric, organic and irregular shapes out of their triangles, they made sure the paper remained folded. After cutting out their shapes, students carefully unfolded their triangles to reveal symmetrical designs. 

Students used their intricate symmetrical paper cut-outs in a variety of ways. They created masks, unique creatures, abstract designs and sculptures. Check out my second grade 2020 photo album and the school hallways to see more artwork. 

There have already been so many creative and happy moments in the art rooms this school year. It brings me great joy and the sense of accomplishment when students use simple materials to design and make their own creations. Both of these artworks were  gifts that a fifth grade student made for a family member. The wood sculpture is utilitarian and can be used to hang kitchen utensils. The Christmas tree design idea started with a concept introduced during art class and then the student did exactly what designers and artists do every day, he used that idea as a springboard for something else. I'm so proud of him and all my students! More to come in 2020!
The angel said to them, "Do not be afraid; for behold, I proclaim to you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For today in the city of David a savior has been born for you who is Messiah and Lord."
Luke 2:10-11
Wishing everyone a healthy, creative, joy filled 2020! Thank you so much for your thoughtful cards and gifts this holiday season. There will be more amazing student art to share soon! 

Reminder for Sixth Grade Students

Every sixth grade student should bring a small mirror or photo of him or herself on Monday, December 16th. The students are drawing self-portraits and focusing on drawing their faces. 

Reminder for Sixth Grade Students

Every sixth grade student should bring a small mirror or photo of him or herself on Monday, December 9th. The students are drawing self-portraits and focusing on drawing their faces.