Favorite Moments

I just thought I'd take a moment to share the following: 

Monday I introduced students in 4A and 5A to the Visionaries and Voices program. This program gives artists with disabilities the materials, space and opportunities to sell their work. After watching two short videos about the artists and looking at their art, I asked the students to make cards for the V&V artists. Students were asked to offer words of encouragement or to share their own art-making experiences. Some of the students made connections between their interests, knowledge and art styles to those of the V&V artists.  

This morning a student gave me a fantastic drawing that he had done at home. As much as I wanted to keep and display this work of art, it was not for me.On his own, he'd taken the initiative to illustrate and fully color a work of art that a specific V&V artist will appreciate. Two artists who have never met will make a connection, feel inspired and understood through art. Additionally, a thoughtful student gave his time and talent to create something wonderful for someone else.