Welcome to the new school year!  Starting school in August is always a challenge but it is also a blessing.  While preparing two classrooms for 370 eager students can sometimes feel overwhelming I often try to reflect on why I’ve chosen to teach.  Every day I get to be immersed in one of my favorite things, art.  It brings me great joy to introduce your children to what makes art meaningful and how it touches all of their other studies.  Art after all is a form of communication, just like literature.  Likewise paper, clay and ink have chemical properties and a history all their own.  

I’m in a fortunate and unique position that I get to see each of your children for nine years.  It is an amazing transformation to see a tiny kindergartner grow and succeed and be ready for their high school journey.  I’m honored to be on this journey with them and consider it a great blessing to have the opportunity to teach each of them.  Good luck on what I’m sure will be another fruitful school year!