Art Class News

Kindergarten students are developing their fine motor skills by tracing, outlining, drawing, coloring and cutting. They are demonstrating and applying what they’ve already learned by folding and cutting squares in half to form triangles and then cutting the triangles in half to form smaller triangles. Then the students arranged their triangles to form trees, rockets and all sorts of other objects. They used their knowledge of the world combined with their imagination to draw details and complete their works of art.

First grade students are illustrating Charlotte’s Web. They are focusing on the setting, sequence and characters of the story.

Second grade students drew detailed self-portraits. They also compared portraits created by Mary Cassatt, Frank Duvenck and Robert Henri. Now they are designing fabulous rooms inspired by Henri Matisse.

Third grade students used the primary colors to paint secondary and tertiary colors. They enjoyed experimenting with color and comparing their results. Next they are going to learn, practice and play with watercolor techniques. 

Fourth grade students are drawing rectangular prisms and pyramids as they illustrate amazing skyscrapers.

Fifth grade students are learning about the elements of design. These elements make up all forms of art. Ask a fifth grade student to explain value, gradation, and form as it pertains to art.

Sixth grade students are designing and constructing their own printmaking stamps.

Seventh grade students are drawing geometric forms using one-point perspective.

Eighth grade students are transferring magazine images to tape and then creating layered transparent collages.