Adopt A Family Bake Sale and Cake Auction

Dear Parents:

On Friday, December 4, the eighth-grade class will be running our annual adopt-a-family bake sale and cake auction.  It is a big part of how they raise enough money to purchase Christmas presents for families in our area who otherwise do not have the means to purchase these gifts themselves.  The gifts we provide may be all these children receive over the Christmas season.  We are also able to provide the families with some much-needed groceries and essentials such as diapers.  We cannot do this without the help of you, the parents.   

We raise the money by holding a bake sale in the morning, having an out-of-uniform day for one dollar, and holding our famous cake auction in the afternoon.  Fifth-grade students at the Seton Campus sell hand-made buttons to help the cause. The auction works like this:  Students gather in the church basement and get into groups and put their money together so they have more buying power.  The awesome cakes made by our eighth graders and their parents are sold to the highest bidder one by one until all are gone.  The students have a great time each year and their generosity and enthusiasm is uplifting.  The families that we help each year realize that the children at our school do care for more than just themselves and that they are trying to show it in the community.  The feeling of pride the students have in knowing how many families they have helped with their hard work and generosity is priceless.

The eighth grade’s job is to provide the bake sale items for the bake sale and, if they so choose, to bake a cake to put in our auction.  We encourage the eighth graders to do these themselves (with parental supervision of course) so that they can really take ownership of this project. 

We are asking eighth-grade students to bring in homemade or store bought items, as well as soda, to sell at the bake sale.   Please ask your child what they have volunteered to bring in.   Baked items should be individually wrapped.   Please make a note if the homemade item contains nuts so we can separate them from those that are nut-free for our students with allergies.  Non-perishable items(soda, snack chips, etc.) can be sent in any time between now and December 4.

If your child wants to bake a cake, they need to bring it on the day of the auction (December 4) and deliver it to the office.  We have had very complex, beautifully decorated cakes to simple, plain, cakes, and store bought cakes.  We have even had ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen.  Whatever your child would like to make or bring would be great.   They all get sold and all proceeds go to the adopt-a-family shopping fund.

Our goal is to raise at least one more dollar than we did last year.  This can only be accomplished with the cooperation of all our junior high parents.  So THANK YOU in advanced for all the help you give to your child to help them achieve this goal of helping others.

Mr. Grieco