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7th Grade Parents - Supplies Needed!!!

The seventh graders will be engaging in a fun enrichment activity next week to learn more about Roman architecture. If you have any of the following supplies available and are willing to donate them to our class, please send them in by Monday. The supplies will not be returned unless indicated. Thank you for any help you can provide to make this fun activity possible for our students!
Lego blocks (small size) - WILL BE RETURNED
Popsicle Sticks (1000 needed)
Shoe Boxes (14 needed)

7th Grade In-Class Play Performance

The seventh graders will perform reader's theater plays in class on Monday as part of our enrichment unit on Ancient Greece. This play will help enhance the students' knowledge of ancient Greek literature, mythology, and theater. The play is from the amazing website Drama Notebook. Please check it out at:

November 11-15

7th Grade Social Studies
The seventh graders are in the midst of some wonderful enrichment activities to learn more about ancient Greece and Rome. They will perform Greek plays on Monday for their classmates. The rest of the week will be spent "building Rome!" The students will create Roman road mazes, an aqueduct that must carry water, and arches that can bear weight. PARENTS, PLEASE SEE THE SEPARATE POST REQUESTING SUPPLIES FOR THESE ACTIVITIES. Thank you for any assistance you can give me with this exciting activity!
8th Grade Social Studies
Now that political convention has concluded, the students will spend Monday completing evaluations of their work and reflections on the process. The eighth graders will complete chapter 13 this week. They will have a take home quiz due on Tuesday. We will begin to discuss chapter 19, which is about laws and our society. The test for chapter 19 is currently scheduled for Thursday, 11/21. There will be a geography quiz on Eastern Europe on Tuesday, 11/19. 

November 4-8

7th Grade Social Studies
The seventh graders will finish their study of south and southeast Asia this week. They will play a review game on Monday, and the students will take their test on Tuesday. The students will begin their enrichment units on ancient Greece and Rome on Wednesday. We will begin by learning about ancient Greek literature through putting on a short play. The students are all invited to act in the play. Those that do not wish to participate in that way, will help direct, create props, and provide background research for the play. It should be a really fun way to learn more about Greek literature!
8th Grade Social Studies
The week of Political Convention has arrived! The students will spend this week putting the final touches on the convention decorations, speeches, and schedule. The students will also continue their work on chapter 13 this week, which focuses on the U.S. economy. Political Convention will take place this Friday, 11/8, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Classroom News: October 28 - November 1

7th Grade Social Studies
The seventh graders will be finishing their work on Topic 12 this week, which focuses on the cultural, economic, and political developments of China, Japan, and Korea. The students will have a test over this topic on Tuesday, 11/5. The seventh graders will also have the opportunity to experience a religious retreat on Friday centered around All Saints Day. Because of this, there will be no classes on Friday. 
8th Grade Social Studies
It is hard to believe that we are in our last two weeks before Political Convention. The students are working hard on their campaigns. In the next two weeks, they students will be preparing speeches for convention day, creating banners for the gym, editing their commercials, and working on some special activities that will take place during convention. With all of this going on, the students will also complete their study of chapter 13, which focuses on US economics. The students will have an open book/open notes quiz that they need to complete by Thursday, 10/31. The students will have a religious retreat on Friday, 11/1, so there will be no classes that day. 

Classroom News: October 21-25

7th Grade Social Studies
The seventh graders will continue their study of early Asian civilizations this week. Activities this week will include comparing and contrasting European and Japanese Feudalism, learning about Japanese cultural and artistic achievements, including Noh and Kabuki theater, and learning about the development of Korean government and culture. The students also have the opportunity to participate in a field trip to the Cincinnati Museum Center on Tuesday to participate in an ancient Egyptian archaeological dig and see the Apollo 11 special exhibit. 
8th Grade Social Studies
The eighth grade students will continue their work on Political Convention this week. The students will also take a look at our economic system as well as economic systems of other nations around the world. 

Classroom News: October 15-18

7th Grade Social Studies
The seventh graders will continue their work on China, Japan, and Korea. The students will create a stacked timeline that looks at the role of the Mongols in China, India, and Japan. They will then answer some analysis questions based on the timeline. The students will also compare and contrast Japanese and European feudalism. 
8th Grade Social Studies
The eighth graders are working hard on their political convention tasks. The students are finishing the posters that will hang around school. They will also be planning the banners that will go up in the gym on convention day. The students are finalizing their commercial scripts and they will start production. The candidates are completing their last classroom visits this week, which is when they introduce themselves and their platforms to the younger grades. In addition to all of this, the students are completing the chapter 23 packet. These will be graded. The eighth graders will receive the first of several maps of Europe this week. They will have a quiz over this map on Tuesday, 10/22.

Roles of Political Parties Practice Worksheet Answer Key (for Chapter 22 Test)

21. C
22. A
23. D
24. F or G
25. B
26. G
27. E
28. D
29. E or G
30. A

Classroom News: October 7-11

7th Grade Social Studies
The seventh graders are completing their lesson on the Silk Road this week. The culminating activity that we are working on is a Silk Road trading game, where the object is to be the first trading group to have at least one of every item on the route. The students will start their study of topic 12 on Tuesday. This topic covers the later Chinese dynasties and achievements, Japanese feudalism, and the development of Korea. The students will discuss the Mongols involvement with several of these civilizations. 
8th Grade Social Studies 
The eighth graders continue their work with political convention this week. The candidates will be visiting the 6th and 7th grade classrooms this week to introduce the other students to their parties and goals. The students will also take the chapter 22 test this week. They will have independent work to complete on Chapter 23 this week and next. We will discuss the information and its implications for American society once the independent work is completed.

Classroom News: September 30 - October 4

7th Grade Social Studies
The seventh graders are completing Egypt and India project presentations on Monday. I have been really impressed with the level of detail that the students have provided in their presentations and the beautiful craftsmanship of the models! It is amazing what we can accomplish when we invest in our own learning! The rest of the week will be spent discussing the Silk Road and the introductory activity to our study of China. The students will learn about the Silk Road by researching it on multiple websites that I will provide them with. They will then have a fun Silk Road trading game to play later in the week. If time allows, the students will start to work on Topic 12 in their textbook. 
8th Grade Social Studies
Political convention continues this week. The students are getting their first marketing posters up in the hallways, creating a brochure to pass out to their fellow students, writing a speech that the candidates will give in classrooms in the coming weeks, and developing a script for their campaign commercial. Everyone is working hard! We will also continue to work on chapter 22 this week. The students will have their test on this chapter next Tuesday, 10/8. 

Classroom News: September 23-27

7th Grade Social Studies
The seventh graders will complete their first independent study project this week. It has been really fun to see each student get excited about the topic they have picked. Everyone has been working very hard to create a wonderful presentation and product. I can't wait to see the finished projects! Just a heads up... we will complete a teacher-led topic as our next endeavor. This topic will focus on Chinese dynasties and culture, as well as feudalism in Japan. 
8th Grade Social Studies
Political Convention has begun! The students have nominated their candidates (Dana Kern and Carson Brown in 8X, and Avery May and Jackson Linz in 8Y). The students will spend time this week working with their committees and starting their first projects, including brochures, posters, their commercial script, and the initial classroom speeches. I am very excited about the enthusiasm I am seeing from these students. This is going to be a great campaign!
The students are also working on chapter 22 this week. This chapter focuses on political parties and their role in our government. The students will have their test over chapter 22 on October 2. 

September 16 - 20

7th Grade Social Studies
The seventh graders will spend the week working on their independent projects. There will be a progress check on Thursday. Please see the homework list for details about this. The project is due on Thursday, 9/26.
8th Grade Social Studies
The eighth graders will start their political convention work this week. They will decide on their party name, slogan, and symbol. They will also develop campaign ideas to present to Mr. Grieco. The students will also began chapter 22. The chapter focuses on the elections and political parties. As part of this chapter, the students will look at the functions of political parties. They will also debate whether or not the United States should keep the electoral college or go to direct election of the president. It should be a fun chapter!

Classroom News: September 9-13

7th Grade Social Studies
This week the seventh graders are completing their first topic of the year, topic 2. This topic focuses on early civilizations and their contributions to later civilizations. The test will take place on Tuesday, 9/10. On Wednesday the students will begin their first student-led learning experience! They will choose whether to explore Ancient Egypt or Ancient India in depth. The students will complete a project of their choosing to discover more about a specific aspect of one of their civilizations. The students will have time over the course of two weeks in class to work on their projects. They will then present the projects to the class so that everyone may learn from what they have researched. I am really excited to see the creative and informative products of these projects!
8th Grade Social Studies
The eighth graders are completing chapter three this week. This chapter examines what a citizen is and what duties and responsibilities they have in our country. The test on chapter 3 will be Wednesday, 9/11. The students have been introduced to the political convention process and if they are interested in becoming a candidate, they will give speech on their three best leadership qualities this Thursday. If students are not interested in being a candidate, they have a paper due (a well-developed paragraph is fine) on the three leadership qualities they are looking for in a candidate. The students will start working on chapter 22 on Friday.