Classroom News: October 30 - November 3

6th Grade Social Studies
1. This week we will continue to work on our study of Ancient Egypt. The students will start research for their Ancient Egypt research project. There will also be information going home early in the week about a bonus opportunity with this project.
2. The students will be voting for their homeroom's student council representative early in the week.
7th Grade Religion
1. We will continue our study of Jesus's mission. Father Chris will come into our room on Thursday to discuss Jesus's mission and types of sin.
2. We will continue to watch "The Bible and the Sacraments" series of This is a great series that connects scripture at the sacraments. 
3. The 7th graders will vote for their student council representative early in the week. 
8th Grade Social Studies
1. We are in our final week of political convention. The convention itself will take place on Friday. You are welcome to join us at 11:30!
2. We will also begin talking about the American economy this week.