Classroom News: November 6 - 10

6th Grade Social Studies
1. The sixth graders will continue their study of Ancient Egypt this week. We will have a guest speaker on Tuesday. Mrs. Rebecca Gulaskey will join us to discuss life in Modern Egypt and share photographs of the Pyramids and other Egyptian sights. 
2. We will continue to work on our Ancient Egypt research projects this week. The students will finish working on their rough drafts of their slides, and they will begin to put together their final projects. Don't forget that there is a bonus for the project. The students received a handout last week about the bonus.
7th Grade Religion
1. We will continue to view "The Bible and the Sacraments" this week. This is a series on that details the scriptural basis for the sacraments.
2. The students will have a quiz on Tuesday over chapter 6. 
3. We will also begin to work on chapter 7. This chapter focuses on Jesus's apostles. 
8th Grade Social Studies
1. The students will complete our Political Convention project with an evaluation. The students will evaluate the others on their committee. I will take their classmates' input into consideration along with my own observations to determine each person's Convention participation grade. This grade will be equivalent to a large test grade because of the amount of time we have spent on this project. 
2. We will continue our study of Civics by looking at our economy. We will also begin to study the American justice system.