Classroom News: November 13 - 21

6th Grade Social Studies
1. We will be wrapping up our Egypt chapter this week. The students will complete notes on the last two sections, and we will also complete the chapter 4 study guide. 
2. The students will have their test on Chapter 4 on Tuesday, 11/21. This test will be open book, notes, and study guide.
3. The Ancient Egypt project is due Tuesday, 11/14. The students will need to share their presentation with me and bring in any bonus items on that day. The presentations will take place Tuesday - Friday. 
7th Grade Religion
1. Students will be completing their second prayer proposal this week. The students are required to lead prayer once a trimester. This prayer can be a traditional prayer, a song, a Bible quote, other quotes or meditations. 
2. We will complete chapter 7 this week. The chapter looks at Jesus's apostles and what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus.
3. We will complete a sacrament project based on the video series, "The Bible and the Sacraments," that the students have been watching in class over the past several weeks. The project will be due Tuesday, 11/21. 
8th Grade Social Studies
1. We will be working on chapter 19 this week. This chapter focuses on the judicial system - what types of laws we have in this country and why it is important to have laws.
2. The students will also start to study US domestic and foreign policy. This unit will continue after Thanksgiving break.
I wish you all a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!