Classroom News: November 27 - December 1

6th Grade Social Studies
This week we will begin our study of Ancient India. The students will study the Indian dynasties as well as the basic beliefs of Hinduism and Buddhism. 
7th Grade Religion
We will continue to work on our Sacraments project. The students are required to choose one of the seven sacraments and find several Old Testament and New Testament quotes that reference the sacrament. They also must discuss the symbols associated with the sacrament they chose. 
The seventh graders are also starting chapter 8 in their textbook. 
8th Grade Social Studies
The eighth graders will be working on two different activities this week. First, they will be preparing for and participating in a mock trial in order to learn more about the justice system. 
The second activity is about foreign and domestic policy. Students will be looking at the departments that make up the president's cabinet and their roles in domestic and foreign policy.