Classroom News: December 4-8

6th Grade Social Studies
We are continuing our study of Ancient India this week. The students are learning about the teaching of Buddhism, early Indian dynasties, and Ancient Indian achievements. The sixth graders will have a quiz on chapter 5 next Tuesday.
7th Grade Religion
Early in the week, the students will be presenting their sacrament projects to the class. The seventh grade is finishing up chapter 8 this week. We will have our quiz on Wednesday. We are also beginning our Advent activities this week. We will be completing an Advent scripture study each week. The students will read three passages from the Bible, summarize them, and discuss the theme in the passages. We will also have an Advent prayer service and Rosary this week. The Adopt-a-Family basket items are due Friday. Students can bring in items any time during the week. 
8th Grade Social Studies
The students' Eastern Europe maps will be due Tuesday. The quiz on the 12 Eastern Europe countries will be next Tuesday, 12/12. The rest of the week will be spent focusing on foreign and domestic policy in the United States. The students will be examining what these are and how each department of the president's cabinet plays a role in them. The students will have a quiz on foreign and domestic policy on Friday.