Classroom News: December 11 - 20

6th Grade Social Studies
In our last week and half before Christmas break, we will be completing our chapter on Ancient India. The students will have their test on this chapter on Tuesday, 12/12. The students will have a quick study of Ancient China before break. They will have an open book, open worksheet quiz over Ancient China on Tuesday, 12/19. 
7th Grade Religion 
In our time together before break, the seventh graders will be focusing on the parables that Jesus used to teach his message. They will read multiple parables that Jesus and his disciples used. They will have an open-book quiz on the parables, and they will also complete a fun project where they take the message of one of the parables and rewrite it with a modern story line. This week the students will also be putting together the Adopt-a-Family baskets so that the eighth graders can deliver them on Thursday. Thank you so much for your generosity to the Adopt-a-Family program! This is such a beautiful testament to the generous spirit of our school family!!
8th Grade Social Studies
In the time we have before Christmas break, we will be completing our study of foreign and domestic policy. The students will be looking at how treaties, military action and financial aid are all part of foreign policy at the beginning of the week. They will take a short quiz on domestic and foreign policy on Wednesday, 12/13. At the end of the week, we will prepare to the a sample citizenship test. The test will be the culminating activity for our study of Civics. The eighth graders will resume their study of American History in January. 
Students will be required to turn in their Civics textbooks this week! 
May your Christmas and New Year be filled with Christ's blessings!