Classroom News: January 3 - 12

6th Grade World History
We are beginning our study of the ancient Hebrews and the origins of Judaism this week. The students will be looking at the basic beliefs of the Jewish people and learning about their experiences in ancient times. The students will be tested on this chapter on Thursday, 1/11. 
7th Grade Religion
This week we will finish our study of the parables that Jesus told during his ministry. We will then begin our study of the miracles of Jesus. During this chapter, we will also look at the miracles that some of the saints performed. The students will have a test over this chapter on Friday, 1/12. 
8th Grade Social Studies
We will begin our study of American History this week. The students will be learning about the progressive era. This includes the progressive presidents and the political and social reforms that took place during this era. The students will have a test over the progressive era on Friday, 1/12.