Classroom News: January 16 - 19

6th Grade Social Studies
1. Students will complete chapter 7 this week, which focuses on Hebrews and Judaism. Their test will be on Thursday. 
2. Students will begin to study Ancient Greece later this week. The next few chapters will focus on Greece. 
7th Grade Religion
1. We will complete chapter 11 this week, which focuses on the miracles that Jesus performed. They will have a test over this chapter on Friday.
2. As an extension of this chapter, the students will complete an activity that will require them to research the miracles that the saints performed. The students will create a class game based on their research. 
8th Grade Social Studies
 1. The eighth graders will be finishing their chapter on the Progressive Era this week. Their test will be on Friday.
2. The students will also be preparing for the field trip they will have next week to Music Hall. The students will be preparing to see Violins of Hope by learning about what the Holocaust was, and how music was a source of comfort, inspiration, and resistance for those victimized by the Nazi regime.